Friday, March 16, 2012

Marc Randazza has his Buddies Blogging to Promote What a Great Guy Marc Randazza is. Thing is that does not change the Fact that Marc Randazza tried to threaten a Blogger, a Domainer over a Domain Name with His Name in it, and work with the Plaintiff in a Major Free Speech Case Because Marc Randazza's Ego WON over the First Amendment Rights of All.

Marc Randazza ~ now Marc Randazza of The Legal SatyriconRandazza Legal Group, has his buddies blogging about Marc Randazza of The Legal Satyricon, Randazza Legal Group in an attempt for Marc Randazza to hide the Marc Randazza, Crystal Cox Scandal and Massive VIOLATIONS of my Free SPEECH and First Amendment Rights by Marc Randazza.

Marc Randazza Scandal 

Here are Some Marc Randazza Tidbits from this Marc Randazza Love Post
The Quote Posts are in BLUE, and the Source of the Quotes is Listed At the End.

"Marc Randazza sees the Rakofsky suit, and far too many like it, as an attempt to pervert the power of law to the cause of stifling speech. He leapt, almost unbidden, to the defense of the Rakofsky blawgers in need of representation. "

Marc Randazza of The Legal SatyriconRandazza Legal Group is the one attempting to "pervert" power.

                                     Marc Randazza is the KING of Perverting Power.

Marc Randazza of The Legal Satyricon, Randazza Legal Group tried to bluff Blogger Crystal Cox and tell me I had no right to own, buy and blog on Marc Randazza . com.  Yet, Marc Randazza, defending others in Domain Name Ownership with the actual names of people and domain names themselves that accuse people of horrible acts.  This is Ok to Marc Randazza, yet it is not ok for Crystal Cox, Blogger, Domainer to have purchased Marc Randazza .com .

Marc Randazza tried to pull a power trip over Crystal Cox, me and tell me I had no right to own Marc Randazza .com, which is simply NOT True. Marc Randazza STOMPS on my rights of Free Speech, and works against me in a case where if I don't get my case over turned, all BLOGGERS will be affected, no matter what the Lies of David Carr of the New Times is Telling You.

The Obsidian V. Cox case is the biggest case EVER regarding One Individual Blogger, that is Truly Independent, if Marc Randazza and the Plaintiff shut down my voice then this affects all Bloggers till the end of time, or the Internet as we know it.

The Obsidian V. Cox case is truly about a Blogger getting wind of a story and fighting for the victims, selflessly for 4 years and losing everything to stand up for what is right. The Obsidian V. Cox case is a case about finding information, digging through years of documents, getting tips and emails, reading document after documents, interviewing insiders, reading legal filings, reading contracts, listening to court audios, reading court transcripts and EXPOSING the inside details of a $40 Bankruptcy.  The Obsidian V. Cox case is about the Plaintiff, Obsidian Finance Group trying to hide their secrets and what really happened and about David Aman of Tonkon Torp Law Firm protecting the involvement of Tonkon Torp, Leon Simson, David Peterson and David Aman himself in the Summit Bankruptcy.  David Aman is still fighting to silence blogger Crystal Cox, because David Aman was involved in the Summit Bankruptcy Scandal as you see in the Objection to the Fees filed by several insiders in that case. There was also emails to and with David Aman and the Department of Justice, and with other attorneys involved as they tried to Tell David Aman, Tonkon Torp of what was going on and how violated the rights of creditors and seemed to violate Bankruptcy Code.

David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law Firm, knows that what Crystal Cox Blogger is saying is TRUE, yet David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law Firm fights to take domain names to shut me down. Thing is Obsidian V. Cox will be overturned, TRUTH will win for REAL over alleged Defamation and investigators will really find out the TRUTH about the Behind the Scenes of the Summit Bankruptcy that they have for over 4 years ignored.  David S. Aman, Tonkon Torp Lawyer knows that blogger Crystal Cox did not have actual malice and in fact had and has actual documents of truth, fact and anyone who can read can see that what Blogger Crystal Cox has and is Exposing has tons of documentation to back it up.

David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law firm fought for Kevin Padrick as Trustee in every issue over the Summit Scandal. And David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law firm even deposed Bankruptcy Whistleblower Stephanie DeYoung to ask about blogger Crystal Cox, yet did not contact me until 2 years later when I was Sued for 10 Million Dollars for EXPOSING THEM.

David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law firm  is fighting to this day to try and shut down my blog, and this is to protect David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law firm and Leon Simson, David Peterson and others at Tonkon Torp, as they were involved in the alleged corruption I am exposing.

More on the above Blog Post Praising Marc Randazza

"I had heard of Marc Randazza prior to being named as a Rakofsky defendant, but I had never had any contact with him. His presence and reputation were known to me through his blog, The Legal Satyricon, and through the blogging of others, such as Scott Greenfield or Ken-at-Popehat who know him firsthand.

Marc Randazza is a zealot, but a zealot of the best kind. His zealotry finds its focus in the First Amendment, and particularly the portions of that Amendment protecting freedom of speech and expression. Speech, without regard to its couth, its coarseness, its wisdom, its dunderheadedness, its cultural value, its tendency to discomfit or offend, is embraced by the First Amendment, and Marc Randazza has devoted his career to its preservation. Like Horatius at the bridge, Marc Randazza stands beside the Sluice of Speech to defend it and to see that its flow stays as wide and as free and as indiscriminate as possible. "

This person seems to really like Marc Randazza, and to have had a good experience with Marc Randazza, I can respect that, thing is the facts of Marc Randazza and Crystal Cox are still the same. Marc Randazza really did violate my rights. Marc Randazza really did tell members of the First Amendment Bar that Marc Randazza represented me, and Marc Randazza really did contact the Plaintiff in my case to negotiate a deal on my behalf that I was not aware of. This violated my rights, gave the bad guys my strategy and inside information and was simply WRONG. Months later Marc Randazza really did contact the Plaintiff and offer to give a Subpoena to TAKE the Domain Names of Blogger, Domainer Crystal Cox in order to help the Plaintiff to silence my voice and the REWARD to Marc Randazza, I Believe, to be, Control over Marc Randazza .com .

Source of Quotes above in Blue.

Folks, email me for my story, I plan to post more as soon as I have time, thing is Marc Randazza violated my Constitutional Rights. Marc Randazza went to the "Other Side" in Obsidian V. Cox, after talking to me and Marc Randazza did NOT have my permission. Marc Randazza misled me, and Marc Randazza suggested I not appeal for the Good of Other Bloggers, which I was open to, if that was best, however Turns out Marc Randazza may have gave me bad information that may have affected the Free Speech and First Amendment Rights of All Bloggers and Citizen Journalists.

Marc Randazza knows that the Oregon Retraction Laws Apply to Blogger Crystal Cox, Marc Randazza knows that Crystal Cox had no "actual malice" and that I, Blogger Crystal Cox, to this day believe, that there was foul play and illegal behavior in the actions of David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law Firm and Kevin Padrick of Obsidian Finance Group.

Check your Facts, they are there, Depose me, Marc Randazza, and all involved, check phone and email records and you will see that indeed Marc Randazza contacted the Plaintiff without the Defendants approval and Marc Randazza gave the Plaintiff privileged strategy and information regarding Blogger Crystal Cox. Marc Randazza told other member of the First Amendment Bar that Marc Randazza represented Crystal Cox, and that he, Marc Randazza had already spoke with the Plaintiff's side to negotiate a deal. Marc Randazza to these same folks that he represented me and this caused me more stress in my case, as I had to explain what happened with Marc Randazza, and that he did not work for me, even though he was putting in "time and energy" on my case, and acting as my attorney without my permission.

If Marc Randazza lies about all this then it's a feud among Lawyers on who is lying, as I have proof. The Marc Randazza article above, may well be one Marc Randazza opinion or Marc Randazza Experience, Thing Is it is Certainly not my Experience with Marc Randazza of The Legal SatyriconRandazza Legal Group.

See Marc Randazza, and all reading this, I really am telling the TRUTH and anyone that can read, hear, see, can easily see that TRUTH.

Instead most, including Marc Randazza, simply believe FORBES, the New York Times and the Plaintiff's lies about me, as they fight to cover up $40 Million in Secrets, and this also makes Obsidian Finance Group and Tonkon Torp look bad to the Energy Companies they Lobby For, to those who issue Solar Tax Credits, to PacifiCorp, and more.

The Thing is, I am telling the Truth to the best of my ability and have been for years on this same matter. Look at the Summit Objection to the Fees, the Lake County Residents Upset at Obsidian, the Objection to the Fees in Washington filed Against Obsidian Finance Group for the SAME thing that Kevin Padrick did in the Summit Bankruptcy. There is easily proven pattern and history for a Federal RICO Lawsuit.  And now Marc Randazza has jumped in the middle of it all in the alleged name of Free Speech and First Amendment rights, yet at the same time Marc Randazza, has violated my Free Speech and First Amendment Rights.

I Trusted Marc Randazza, and he betrayed me, Plain and Simple.

Marc Randazza REFUSES Answering my Questions, though I am Pro Se and Marc Randazza has been Subpoenaed by the Plaintiff, Allegedly.