Monday, March 12, 2012

Marc Randazza Blog. Fighting Copyright Trolls. Is there Pattern and History in Marc Randazza's Behavior? Marc Randazza is KNOWN to be "the Most Hypocritical Troll". I would have to AGREE. Marc Randazza is Working AGAINST Free Speech and the First Amendment in Obsidian V. Cox.

Why Did Marc Randazza really contact the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox, BEFORE Marc Randazza let his potential client know that he was going to the Plaintiff's side and discussing my personal information, my strategy? Was Marc Randazza trying to see if he could WIN, before he was hired for or took the job as attorney for Crystal Cox Blogger? Was Marc Randazza trying to make a deal with the Plaintiff, behind the Pro Se Defendant's back in order to change "bad law" for his Porn Company Big Wigs, whom Marc Randazza told me called him and asked what he was going to do about the Crystal Cox Case?

Did Marc Randazza have a legal right to talk to Crystal Cox Blogger, me, and discuss being my attorney, yet not agree to such and then take my private information to the Plaintiff to cut a deal that did not involve me ?

The Plaintiff's Attorney in Obsidian Vs. Cox is not just any attorney, the Plaintiff's Attorney, David Aman and the Tonkon Torp Law Firm was involved in the Corruption that Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox has been exposing for over 3 years. Blogger Crystal Cox was getting information found in the search engines regarding the Summit Bankruptcy and the Objection to Fees that Named Tonkon Torp.  David Aman Knew This, as in the Stephanie DeYoung Deposition. So when Marc Randazza contacted Tonkon TorpMarc Randazza was telling my information to the very guys whom I was exposing. Marc Randazza had no right, as far as I am concerned to discuss my business with the Plaintiff's side WITHOUT involving me in any way or letting me know what Marc Randazza was up to, allegedly on my behalf.

Marc Randazza don't Know that I Played Texas Hold Em' for 18 Years and Well I certainly have the BALLS to call his BLUFF. So seeings how I called his bluff demanding I give him Marc, now Marc Randazza is in bed with the DEVIL and affecting the First Amendment Rights of us ALL.

I am considering filing a Federal RICO Complaint Against Marc Randazza, as tonight I see there is Pattern and History in Marc Randazza's tactics.

Here is an Article from a Blog Called "Fight Copyright Trolls".

Title of Marc Randazza Article on Fight Copyright Trolls Blog
"Do you still think that talking to plaintiff’s lawyer is a good idea?"

"I’m never tired of repeating over and over again that talking to plaintiff’s attorney (a copyright troll) directly, not through your own lawyer, is not only a questionable idea, but just a plain stupid idea. Reading numerous comments on TorrentFreak, ArsTechnica, Techdirt and other discussion boards, I sometimes see someone bragging: “If I received a call from a troll, I would tell him…” Wrong! You don’t want to tell him anything. Just hang up. Ignore emails and scary ransom letters¹."

"TAC has pointed to a very-very sad story: a guy from one of the mass Liberty Media Holdings lawsuits received a call from an attorney notifying him that his IP address was recorded in connection with sharing a copyrighted material on BitTorrent, demanding money and asking questions. Instead of hanging up, this guy did the worst thing possible: he answered the questions and admitted that he downloaded that damned movie! He explained that he did not know that it was illegal, probably thinking that a reasonable copyright holder who cares about its business would say something like “ok, you are a good guy, and we appreciate the interest in our studio products, what you did was illegal, please stop doing that and here is the URL where you can buy and enjoy our products legally”.

Note, however, that here we are not talking about copyright holders who are interested in retaining fans and promoting their products. Instead, we are talking about scum of the Earth, disgraced attorneys who can’t think about anything but money right now with as little investment as possible. Ruining someone’s life for a $40 movie is something that these vampires wouldn’t hesitate to do if it could possibly bring them a couple of dollars."

"Marco Randazza, the most hypocritical troll as of today"

Source of Marc Randazza Post and Full Marc Randazza Article

Marc Randazza Quote
"“We did get a satisfactory payment from the prior defendant,” Randazza said. “And while we don’t expect to get $1.75 million from Mr. Brown, we do expect to extract something from him.”