Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Don't Care who a Man is, What He Believes, Who His God is or What his Political Belief is. It is NOT Ok to Accuse a Man of Rape and Murder in a Domain Name PERIOD.

Marc Randazza, KING of Double Standards.

Mark Randazza, in one of his legal cases, it is my understanding, fought for the right for his client to own the domain name, "" - as you see at this link

This, in my Opinion is, NOT ok, and it is not a Free Speech Issue to accuse a man of raping and murdering a young girl, with no base in truth.

Though many say I accused Kevin Padrick of criminal activity with no source, no documents and no fact checking, or basis of TRUTH, that is simply NOT true.

I linked to sources, whistle blower blogs, depositions, videos of meetings, audios of court sessions, court documents, legal filings, internal emails and I interviewed Debtors, Insiders, Creditors, and Investors over 3 Years.

It is sick that Marc Randazza thinks it is ok to buy and use the above domain name. The Hypocrite Marc Randazza thinks it ok for his client to buy and own a sick domain name such as that, in which accuses a man of rape and murder, but it's not ok for me to own Marc Randazza .com.

Marc Randazza told me I had no right to register a Domain Name that resembles his name, sure seems a bit of a double standard to me.

And on top of that Marc Randazza told me that in buying the name and not turning it over to him, I was making an "Enemy" of him.

 So Marc Randazza is out for revenge and is off to Tonkon Torp Law Firm in Portland Oregon to get his vengeance and tell his story about Blogger Crystal Cox in a Deposition for the "Plaintiff's Camp", the very folks in whom Marc Randazza wanted to defend me against in the name of Free Speech and First Amendment Rights for All. Now Marc Randazza has thrown the Greater Good out the Window and is "siding" with the bad guy in an attempt to STEAL my Domain Names and to Set Me UP. All because I Chose another Attorney over him to represent me AND because I, Blogger Crystal Cox, bought a Domain Name resembling his name, What a Crock. I have every legal right to buy, the Question is why in world did supposed Internet Warrior and Domain Name superstar attorney Marc Randazza not have the BRAINS to spend $10 on the most important Domain Name in his Dumb Ass, Egotistical Career.?

I was smart enough to buy the dotcom and now Marc Randazza has drawn a line in the sand and made an "Enemy" of me. All because he is "Butthurt". Well in the famous words of Asshole First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza, ""Butthurt is not Defamation. Butthurt is butthurt, and you don't get paid for that in the United States of America. Not on my watch."

Source of Marc J. Randazza Quote

More on the War with "ENEMY" Marc Randazza an TRUE Internet Warrior, Blogger Crystal L. Cox

I Play for KEEPS Asshole. I speak for Thousands of Victims of the Culture of Corruption and Even in DEATH You Will NOT Silence Me.  Your Threatened BLOGGER JAIL, will NOT Silence me.  My Story Lives on. The TRUTH Lives On, whether I Do or Not. My VOICE Roars, the Truth ROARS, Even If I am an Enemy of Marc Randazza.