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Marc Randazza is a BUTTHURT Hypocrite. Marc Randazza is helping the Plaintiff in Obsidian Vs. Cox, because he is "Butthurt" that Crystal Cox Bought Mark Randazza .com, Yet Marc Randazza says "Butthurt is Butthurt" and No Recourse is ALLOWED for Sandra Fluke, So Why Does Butt Hurt Marc Randazza GET his Pay Day REVENGE?

"Butthurt is not Defamation.  Butthurt is Butthurt, and you don't get paid for that in the United States of America. Not on my watch." ~ Marc J. Randazza

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WOW, Shocking words from a man who is So "Butthurt" that Blogger Crystal Cox rejected him as her attorney, even if it was for FREE, that he turned on me, threatened to make me his ENEMY and then Sided with the Plaintiff out to Suppress Free Speech for All Bloggers who Do What I Do.

Marc Randazza is So "BUTTHURT" that Blogger Crystal Cox, ME bought Marc Randazza .com, that Marc Randazza is willing to sacrafice Free Speech for All in Siding with the EVIL Plaintiff in Obsidian Finance Group V. Pro Se Blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza has Double Standards on Top of top
of Double Standards.  

Marc Randazz is pissed off at Blogger Crystal Cox because I bought Marc Randazza .com, and so he wants "Paid" for "Being Butthurt".  And YES in the United States.

Marc Randazza wanted me to give him the Domain Name that he was to DUMB to Buy, this is essentially wanted PAID for being "Butthurt", Right?

By giving him something that did NOT belong to him, so that he would not make me an Enemy.  That was his THREAT.  So Because I chose to NOT cower to Marc Randazza's Threats, Marc Randazza has contacted the Plaintiff in Obsidian Vs. Cox and offered to give "testimony", a Deposition, in Effort to Help the Plaintiff Steal Domain Names that I use to make a Living and to flat out SEIZE Marc Randazza .com, which I bought after the $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement Against Me.

Marc Randazza is "BUTTHURT" and "Whiny" because Internet Savvy Crystal Cox Blogger was smarter then Marc Randazza, Alleged First Amendment Attorney, but only when it comes to things other then Marc Randazza's Butthurt EGO.

Marc Randazza is really a "Media Whore" and where there looks to be a high profile Freedom of Speech Case there is Marc Randazza Yammering some Gibberish and pretending it is in the name of Free Speech and the First Amendment.  However, NOT when it comes to the Free Speech of Citizen Journalists and Anti-Corruption Bloggers such as Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza, "Media Whore"  is now defending Rush Limbaugh, and pretending it is in the name of Free Speech, while at the same time in secret talks to STOMP on the First Amendment in Obsidian Vs. Cox.

Marc Randazza, "Media Whore"  is Yapping on the Rush Limbaugh calling a Woman a Slut and Prostitute Case, because Marc Randazza, "Media Whore"  wants attention on him as a celebrity First Amendment Attorney. Thing is that does not mean that Marc Randazza is really for the First Amendment, Free Speech and Constitutional Rights of ALL. FOR Marc Randazza is Not For the Constitutional Rights of Female Blogger Clients such as Me, who DEMAND to be treated with RESPECT, or I will not even let HIM work FOR ME for FREE. There are more important things then MONEY. I have worked for over 6 years, and put my life, ever cent, and gave up everything I knew as my life to Fight for These Victims and I Will Be Damned if I will Let Some, Pompous Arrogant Attorney sit me in the corner and shut me up.

Marc Randazza, "Media Whore", interjecting is Two Cents on the Rush Limbaugh Rant, is simply to drum up business, because he won a case or two, but has sense spent that money and NOW needs to get his nose into High Profile Free Speech Cases to get another Gig. Marc Randazza is NOT Do Gooder for the the Freedom of Speech for All.

Marc Randazza told Blogger Crystal Cox, "you really want to make an enemy of me" and all I, Blogger Crystal Cox, did was Reject Marc Randazza as my attorney because he was pompous, arrogant, self assuming and treated me as if I have no brain. AND I bought a Domain Name that Internet Genius, Domain Name Arbitration Expert, and Alleged Internet Legal Super Star Marc Randazza was to Slow on the Draw to Buy.

Marc Randazza brags that he is the first one that people call in a defamation suit, thing is that is because those people found Marc Randazza in the search engines. Yet Marc Randazza did not have the brains to buy Marc Randazza .com, so now Marc Randazza is butt hurt and working with Obsidian Finance Group and Tonkon Torp Law Firm whom single handidly STOMPED on the First Amendment Rights of ALL.

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for calling a woman a Slut and a Prostitute.

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