Sunday, March 11, 2012

Marc Randazza on the WRONG Side of Free Speech and the First Amendment AGAIN.

Marc Randazza of Corbin Fisher, Marc Randazza - Randazza Legal Group has serious double standards as Marc Randazza is PISSED off at Blogger Crystal Cox for registering the Domain Name, yet Marc Randazza defended owning a domain name that accused a man of murdering and raping a young girl.  Marc Randazza is a Hypocrite.

Yet in a mafai style letter Marc Randazza says to Blogger Crystal Cox, "You really want to Make an Enemy of Me" Marc Randazza does not like it when Freedom of Speech "offends" his delicate senses yet defended the Right for his Client, Isaac Eiland-Hall to buy and own a domain name that accused Glenn Beck of Murder and Rape. Here is some of an Article Regarding Isaac Eiland-Hall and his Attorney Marc Randazza.

"Facing exposure and prosecution, Isaac Eiland-Hall at first denied that he created the “Did Glenn Beck Rape and Murder a Girl in 1990” website. Later, he falsely claimed it was meant as comedy and parody and was therefore legally protected speech. But the court case against Mr. Hall is clear cut. He has slandered and libeled with the intent to do harm.

He infringed upon Mr. Beck’s good name, reputation and copyright. He has sought to profit from lies. He is promoting a radical political agenda for his own secret nefarious purposes. He has made false accusations, akin to crying “Fire!” in a crowded theater. His words are a threat to the livelihood and safety of Glenn Beck and his family.
Mr. Hall has tried to hide behind the cliché of “Freedom of Speech” while in truth attacking the very foundations of American democracy.
 Our Constitution does not allow for defamation or torturing someone for profit. With freedoms come responsibilities. The damage Hall has done to the reputation of the cheerful and ever-popular Mr. Beck is simply incalculable.

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Who is stepping up to defend this criminal? It is none other than Marc J. Randazza, described in his hometown newspaper as a, “slimy liberal incompetent moonbat home-schooled moron lawyer.” 

 labels himself with the fancy title “Esquire” as if he’s living in some 19th-century English hamlet wearing a peacock feather in his fedora.

He runs a website entitled, The Legal Satyricon, in reference to a work by an ancient Roman pedophile named Petronius. (The immorality and sexual radicalism of The Satyricon was brought to the big screen some years ago by notorious Italian Federico Fellini.)
Lawyer Randazza seems to handle only the most salacious of legal cases, mostly involving impoverished bloggers. (You have to wonder what sorts of physical debasements these penniless clients must trade for his services.) He is a professor at a Florida law school (though it’s hard to imagine such a thing) and also claims to be a resident of Gloucester, Massachusetts, a stone’s throw from infamous homosexual politician Barney Frank’s congressional district. Newly-released campaign records show Randazza has been secretly handing off thousands of dollars to Barack Obama’s operatives over the years (evidence here)."
Source and Full Marc Randazza of Corbin Fisher Article