Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marc Randazza told Blogger Crystal Cox that his Porn King Clients called him and said What are you Going to Do about the Crystal Cox Case? Well Now We KNOW.

Marc Randazza is on an Ego Trip and is Butthurt because he did not get to Represent NOW Infamous Blogger Crystal Cox in the Obsidian Vs. Cox Appeal.

Marc Randazza is Butthurt because he could not BULLY or THREATEN Blogger Crystal Cox, me, into giving him Marc Randazza .com, the now infamous Domain Name that Domain Name Attorney, Dumb Ass Marc Randazza, was NOT smart enough to buy.

So the "Thieving Little SHIT" is going to Steal the Domain Name by offering to fly to Portland Oregon and be Deposed by Tonkon Torp Law Firm, whom represented the Plaintiff Kevin Padrick and Obsidian Finance Group, not only in Obsidian Vs. Cox but also in the Summit Bankruptcy Legal Issues.  Marc Randazza contacted the Plaintiff's Camp to offer a Deposition regarding the Domain Name Marc Randazza .com, in hope to be able to get a hold of the Domain Name, AFTER Tonkon Torp seizes the Domain Name in executing a 2.5 Million Dollar Judgement against Blogger Crystal Cox, even though I bought the Domain Name after the Judgement.  So every Domain Name they are to Dumb to buy they want to seize to knock down a $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement $10 a Time. Real Smart Bunch of Attorneys.

Crystal Cox, me, is one of the Smartest Women that Marc Randazza will EVER have the Privilege to have communicated with.  After representing myself for over a year, knowing my case VERY well and even getting all that needed to be in the record for my case actually in the record.  As said by 4 attorneys in my Motion for a New Trial and in the EFF AMICUS CURIAE BRIEF ( ) Still Marc Randazza took it upon himself to speak for me in December and contact the Plaintiff's Camp, to negotiate a deal as if he represented me, yet did not sign an agreement with me. Marc Randazza interviewed with me, and then took this information to the other side to negotiate a deal behind my back. As if I have no brain, and even told me I made a mess, when I am setting legal precedence for all citizen bloggers, and those like me who whole heartily, year after year blog to expose corruption.

Marc Randazza will own Marc Randazza .com one way or the other. Acting all "Mafia" on me and saying .. "you reall want to make an enemy of me".  Marc Randazza is on the wrong side of the law and the wrong side of the moral compass and so what if Marc Randazza takes the domain name or implies that he will harm me in some way, I know my Truth and I take the Moral High Road. I expose corruption and give voice to victims PERIOD.  Marc Randazza did not respect me so Ya I went with an Attorney who did show me respect even when he disagreed, he did so with respect and dignity for me, as a woman, a blogger, and a human being.

Get Over it Whiny, Butthurt Marc Randazza

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Butthurt in the "news" - or Shall I Say in the Marc Randazza Rant against Women's Rights in the Name of Alleged Free Speech and the First Amendment Double Standards of Marc Randazza.

"Thieving Little Shit" in the News - Marc's own words of another..
Marc Randazza can DISH it OUT but .... BUTTHURT Marc Randazza cannot Take It.

Fuck You Marc Randazza.  
You are the Devils Advocate, You have no morals, no respect and you are
on the WRONG side of Free Speech, Morals and The Law.