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Crystal Cox Vs. Marc Randazza Attorney. Marc Randazza is Defaming Crystal Cox with "Actual Malice". Marc Randazza is Flat Out Lying, Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group.

Marc Randazza Corbin Fisher Attorney, Randazza Legal Group - Marc Randazza starts a WAR with Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and STOMPS on Free Speech and First Amendment Rights of All in the process.

This Marc Randazza Blog Post is a Few Tidbits from the Crystal Cox Blogger Vs. Marc Randazza Freedom of Speech Attorney.

Marc Randazza, Celebrity First Amendment Attorney, has his Panties in a Wad over Crystal Cox Blogger (Not Porn Star) rejecting him as her Attorney, and Marc Randazza, is fighting back by conspiring with the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox to set up Blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza ( Marc Randazza Corbin Fisher ) has not done his homework on Obsidian Finance Group, or Kevin Padrick to determine if there a reason to investigate, or to believe that indeed Blogger Crystal Cox does have those Journalistic Standards or Ethics that Marc Randazza spoke of, and Questioned in our conversations.

See, Marc Randazza ( Marc Randazza Corbin Fisher ) went to school to be a journalist, and does not seem to be interested in journalistic adventures, such as reading, or Marc Randazza would easily see that Kevin Padrick and Obsidian Finance Group are in some major conflicts of interest; massive lobbying and solar tax credits issue, People in Lake County Oregon are very upset at their property rights being run over by Obsidian Finance Group, HomeStreet bank out of Washington filed an Objection to the Fees of Kevin Padrick and Obsidian Finance Group, There is history of questionable behavior over the Longview Fibre Deal and Aloha Lumber, and the Oregon Trail Issues.

Marc Randazza ( Marc Randazza Corbin Fisher ) is so upset that Blogger Crystal Cox bought Marc Randazza .com, that Marc Randazza cannot see the forest for the trees (aKa, being BITTER and Butthurt because I bought Marc Randazza .com, and refused to turn over Marc Randazza .com at his demands, oh the nerve of me to Stand my Groung

Marc Randazza is making ALL Bloggers the Collateral Damage of his hurt ego.

Marc Randazza’s ego is leading him around. Oh, and about the Greater Good, Marc Randazza told Crystal Cox he was impressed with her, me, for standing up for and even being willing to not file an appeal for the Greater Good if that’s what he took. Marc Randazza told blogger Crystal Cox that it was very encouraging to hear that she would choose, to not appeal if that was best for lobby efforts and the good of all Bloggers and Citizen Journalists. And yet Marc Randazza, in a pissing match with Blogger Crystal Cox is now working against the First Amendment Rights of all by working with the Plaintiff’s Camp in Obsidian V. Cox, in order to set up Blogger Crystal Cox, and to throw a fit over a Domain name that he was not smart enough to buy, Marc Randazza .com .

Marc Randazza, does not seem to care who is guilty of what. All Marc Randazza can seem to see is red, because Blogger Crystal Cox rejected him for being a controlling ass and making deals behind her back and telling the WORLD that Marc Randazza represented Crystal Cox Blogger, when clearly he did not.

So in his rage, Marc Randazza has staged a Subpoena, even though he contacted the Plaintiff and offered himself up to teach Blogger Crystal Cox a Lesson. See, Marc Randazza is working with David Aman of Tonkon Torp in attempting to silence blogger Crystal Cox who is continuing to expose; Obsidian Finance Group, Tonkon Torp, PacifiCorp, Pacific Power, Obsidian Renewables, Pamela Griffith of the Department of Justice, Judge Randall Dunn, Perkins Coie Law Firm and Steven Hedberg, Sussman Shank Law Firm and Tom Stilley and Susan Ford, Miller Nash Law Firm, US Bankruptcy Code Violations in the Summit Bankruptcy, and events surrounding the Summit Accomodators Bankruptcy based out of Bend Oregon.

Ok So What Happened? How did I, Crystal Cox Blogger begin this pissing match with Marc Randazza, Porn Star Attorney Extraordinaire? Marc Randazza Corbin Fisher is a big baby because I bought a Dotcom, he does not approve of me buying, so Marc Randazza Corbin Fisher is seeking revenge. Marc Randazza Corbin Fisher is pretending to be subpoenad, when no way that is true, as I have registered hundreds upon hundreds of peoples names as dotcoms over the years and David Aman of Tonkon Torp is not Subpoening them in my Asset Seize Party at Tonkon Torp For Plaintiff Obsidian Finance Group.

See, after my 2.5 Million Dollar Set Up to “Attempt” to Hide the Secrets of Obsidian Finance Group, Tonkon Torp and other Big Oregon Law Firms and Corporations, well, one of my Bloggers contacted Marc Randazza and I agreed to a 3 way conversation to interview Marc Randazza, and he had agreed with my Blogger to talk with me in the possibility of taking my case.

During this call Marc Randazza said that if he took the case he would need money for a certain amount of costs and that it would be an expensive case to file appeal. He said, in a case like this he would normally charge at least $75,000. However, he was considering Pro Bono due to the Media attention I was getting, but even in that would need cost for copies and to be in a hotel in California for the appeal, if he or someone he recommended were to take the case.

Marc Randazza gave many signs during this call that Marc Randazza would most likely not represent me.

During this call Marc Randazza said he was concerned of the “record” and had to take a look at it before deciding. I said that was a responsible thing to do, he said he would look at my documents and get back to me, he did not get back to me, yet told others he represented me, more on that in a bit.

Marc Randazza told me on this call that I had “made a mess,” which I found very slamming as what I do is for the Greater Good and what I was exposing was and is on the right side of the law and certainly on the right side of the Moral Compass.

Marc Randazza saying this, let me know that he had no idea that what I did was a ‘calling,’ it was for massive change and a good thing to bring attention to this issue. Marc Randazza treated me as if I had made a “mess” and with complete disrespect. When in fact, I am creating “Media” and “Legal” attention to something that is VERY important for the Greater Good of ALL.

Marc Randazza said that he was concerned with my “Journalistic Standards”, SHOCKING isn't it, a Porn King Attorney representing folks that "Society" judges and Marc Randazza is judging and slamming my “Journalistic Standards”? Anyway this disrespectful comment led me to believe that Marc Randazza seemed to have been eating up the bad information about me, this was another sign to me that Marc Randazza was not going to represent me.

I am an Investigative Blogger. And a Very Good ONE. For Over 3 years, I have read contracts, insider emails, legal briefs, documents, LLC Agreements, Legal Filings and I listened to Audio’s of Court Sessions, watched videos of depositions and insider meetings and I interviewed, and yes took notes from the side of the Debtors, Investors, Creditors and more in the Summit Bankruptcy, deeper than any other news outlet. I have covered this story in depth and linked to lots of proof and documentation.

The Media Bloggers Association should pay close attention, as what I was doing was exposing documents, and linking to those documents, and this is what most all bloggers do. The fact that I curse, Capitalize in Odd Places and have my own "Independent Style", well that make me legally "media" as well, and it does not change the Facts. I do what ALL good Investigative Bloggers, Alternative News and Citizen Journalists Do.

Big Media wants to shut me up, so they lie about me, and for some reason Marc Randazza ate up what Big Media said about me, even though it was NOT True. Marc Randazza did not care about my side. Marc Randazza simply ran me over with his personal opinions and agenda. Marc Randazza says if I were not so UnEthical he may hire me. What? Marc Randazza has no idea what Ethical Is.

Marc Randazza told me that he used to work for Big Media but now he works for bloggers and porn stars, because Marc Randazza claimed that Big Media had the agenda of creating a Monopoly so they make more money. Yet NOW Marc Randazza is working with the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox.

Marc Randazza told me that he would have to talk to his existing clients, such as The Media Association of Bloggers, to see if there was a conflict before deciding to represent me or not. Marc Randazza claimed he would get back to me on this. Instead, Marc Randazza contacted the Plaintiff’s side and tried to cut a deal WITHOUT my Consent, without “getting back to me” and without discussing if he represented me, wanted to represent me or if there was a Conflict.

Meanwhile Marc Randazza, of The Media Bloggers Association (MBA) , told lots of people in the “business” that he represented Blogger Crystal Cox, yet that was NOT True. I had agreed to work with another Lawyer and this created a situation that caused me stress, and almost lost me the Lawyer I really wanted.

Did Marc Randazza have to “discuss” a conflict with the Media Bloggers Association (MBA) in any way BEFORE Marc Randazza called the Plaintiff’s side and tried to work out a deal, as if he represented me? I was told at that time by other members of the First Amendment Bar that Marc Randazza was talking with the Plaintiff’s side and trying to work out some arrangement regarding money, or a change to case law. I was Pro Se for a year and I wrote over 50 Court Filed Documents myself. I was and AM in the KNOW on my Case and Marc Randazza simply left me out, as if I had no brain, no rights and with total disrespect for me, Blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza simply and certainly unethically took it upon himself to contact the Plaintiff’s side of Obsidian V. Cox, without my knowledge and without getting back to me on if he wanted to work with me or not, Marc Randazza simply left me hanging with time running out and was working behind my back on a deal. Is this Legal? Well it is certainly NOT Ethical and certainly shows no respect for bloggers nor the First Amendment Rights that Marc Randazza, Allegedly wants to protect.

Also on that first phone call Marc Randazza said he thought it was funny that the Plaintiff thinks they can get $2.5 Million out of me, and now Marc Randazza has offered himself up to help them get any assets they think I have and ESPECIALLY that $10 Domain Name, Marc Randazza .com, that dumb shit Marc Randazza NEVER Registered for himself. Marc Randazza is helping the Plaintiff to take Domain Names, which is my only way to make a living, and all in the name of “Constitutional Rights” What? This makes no sense and is NOT True.

Marc Randazza is Vindictive, plain and simply. He was not chosen in the BIGGEST case that the blogsphere has EVER seen regarding one blogger, and a case that will change laws and is already a world wide phenomena and that blogger, me, had the nerve to buy Marc Randazza .com and to even suggest that Marc Randazza hire her to do PR for him. Marc Randazza is so mad that Marc Randazza is making ALL Bloggers the Collateral Damage of Marc Randazza’s EGO.

In one of Marc Randazza’s last communications to me he said “do you really want to make an enemy of me?” Marc Randazza thinks that a blogger, a woman being smarter than him is making him an enemy.

So Marc Randazza is on a mission to teach Blogger Crystal Cox a lesson and be “Deposed” to rant about me to the Plaintiff to attempt to further quash my “Free Speech” and First Amendment Rights, and thereby affecting all BLOGGERS and Alternative Media Worldwide.

Marc Randazza told me that if I appeal it MAY create Bad Law and that maybe I should consider NOT appealing so that my case can be used to Lobby for others in changing laws. I was in agreement, and told Marc Randazza that I simply wanted advice from those surrounding the First Amendment Rights Issue and the First Amendment Bar, so that I could do what was best for all Bloggers, Citizens Journalists and the First Amendment Rights of All. Marc Randazza said he was very glad to hear that, and it made him want to work with me even more.

Marc Randazza said, if I take your case then my Ethical Duty is to you, yet Marc Randazza acted as if he had taken my case, without talking to me about it, and was already negotiating with the Plaintiff’s side of Obsidian Finance Group Vs. Blogger Crystal Cox.

To me, Crystal Cox, this says that Marc Randazza was already acting as my attorney, and did have an Ethical Duty to me to not disclose my stance, emails, or private conversations with him. Yet Marc Randazza contacted the “Other” side to Negotiate, and that was in December. Now Marc Randazza is using information I gave him in a Deposition that Marc Randazza is giving the "Plaintiff" to attempt to put me in my place and to take a $10 Domain Name that Marc Randazza was not smart enough to buy, and this, in my opinion, is an Ethical Breach, if not Plain Ol’ Illegal.

Last December I found out that Marc Randazza was Negotiating with the Plaintiff’s Side OF MY LEGAL CASE without my PERMISSION. I was told this by other members of the First Amendment Bar that wanted to represent me. They had heard that Marc Randazza represented me and even spoke with Marc Randazza, and he had flat out claimed to be representing me, yet Marc Randazza had not told me he was even still considering representing me, Blogger Crystal Cox.

Crystal Cox was told by other Attorneys that I needed to let Marc Randazza know that he did not represent me, because Marc Randazza was telling everybody that he did represent Blogger Crystal Cox on Appeal of Obsidian V. Cox (I have Emails and more to Prove this).

Marc Randazza has so little respect for potential clients that Marc Randazza simply does as

Marc Randazza pleases without his client’s or potential client’s knowledge.

Can I Sue Marc Randazza for trying to make a deal, acting as if he was my attorney without my consent? I certainly can file Bar Complaints in NV, CA, MA, FL, and AZ to Start.

Marc Randazza is now part of a Witch Hunt to discredit blogger Crystal Cox, in effort to protect Big Corporations such as Obsidian Finance Group, Pacific Power, Government Oversight people such as Judge Randall Dunn and Pamela Griffith of the Department of Justice and Law Firms such as Tonkon Torp, Sussman Shank and Perkins Coie.

Marc Randazza is sacrificing the Free Speech rights of ALL in Marc Randazza’s own personal Ego trip over a blogger that bought Marc Randazza .com. Marc Randazza is NOT a man for the rights of Free Speech. Marc Randazza is a man for the personal EGO Trip of Marc Randazza.

So how is Marc Randazza working with the “Bad Guys” and on the Opposite Side of Free Speech?

Marc Randazza is helping the Plaintiff to set me up. Marc Randazza is pretending to be under subpoena and pretending to have no choice, but the truth is that Marc Randazza called the Plaintiff, and Marc Randazza initiated dealing with them against me because his EGO is bent that I did not CHOOSE him and I bought Marc Randazza .com. Marc Randazza is even flying to Portland to be deposed at the Tonkon Torp Law Firm. Gee I wonder whose dime this is on? And all this because they want to Silence a Blogger Exposing Corruption and to spite a Pro Se Defendant who went with a different lawyer and bought the whiny baby’s name as a dotcom.

Marc Randazza is on an Ego Trip and it affects all Bloggers, yet Marc Randazza acts as if he works for the best interest of Bloggers and for the best interest of the Media Bloggers Association (MBA) .

Marc Randazza does not work for the best interest of Bloggers, nor of the Best interest of the First Amendmant. Marc Randazza is on an Ego trip for Marc Randazza and so in creating a war over a domain name that he was too dumb to buy and in being pissed off because I told him I did not want him to represent me, well now Marc Randazza is working directly against the Free Speech and First Amendment Rights of All Bloggers.

So Who Is Marc Randazza ?

Marc Randazza , Marc John Randazza of Randazza Legal Group with offices Miami, Phoenix & Toronto. Marc Randazza is an Attorney Licensed in Arizona, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, and Florida.

Marc Randazza claims to fight for the First Amendment rights of all. Marc Randazza is an Attorney specializing in protecting porn and online gambling ( )

According to, Marc Randazza’s first case was representing a fraternity at Boston University, when the brothers of that fraternity were accused of destroying a house they had rented and accused of other misconduct. Marc Randazza then began practicing in Florida as a real estate attorney. Marc Randazza seems to have started right out working for the wrong side of the law and certainly the wrong side of the law in representing drunken fraternity brother’s who seem to have destroyed some one’s property.

Marc Randazza, according to wikipedia, “Soon thereafter, moved to Orlando, Florida where his practice in First Amendment and media law expanded. He started representing defendants in SLAPP suits, pornography businesses, and protesters, in often unpopular constitutional law matters.” Marc Randazza seems to have started right out of the gate on his First Amendment Soap Box defending those seemingly on the wrong side of the law and the wrong side of the moral compass. Yet Marc Randazza slams me for “Journalistic Standards” and works directly against a blogger whom he had acted as if he once worked for in this same manner. Geez, WHAT a Mess Ol’ Marc Randazza has made of all this.

Marc Randazza is a Public Figure, indeed having been in debates on Fox news and other television and having worked for Big Media as Marc Randazza told me. So why are there not more bloggers EXPOSING Marc Randazza ? Well I guess, Marc Randazza really was for blogger’s rights, until he got all BENT over Blogger Crystal Cox and decided to be part of taking down the Free Speech Rights for ALL Bloggers.

According to wikipedia, “"Randazza has a practice that primarily focuses on the areas of First Amendment litigation, adult entertainment, trademark and copyright litigation, and domain name arbitration disputes." So you see Marc Randazza, has to save face and punish me somehow because I am Smarter than Marc Randazza.

Marc Randazza represented people in WIPO cases yet claims he does not care about my WIPO case with Proskauer Rose Law Firm out of New York, in which I Legally won the right to own the names in dispute. This is a case precedence of my Legal Right to buy Marc Randazza .com, and though Marc Randazza is some big deal in Domain Name Arbitration, Marc Randazza did not have the Brains to buy Marc Randazza dotcom.

WOW, guess all that PORN has fried ol’ Marc Randazza’s brain so he has now teamed up with the Evil David Aman of Tonkon Torp who, along with his “Plaintiff” Kevin Padrick was involved in the Summit Bankruptcy Scandal and named in the Objection to Fees in the Summit Bankruptcy in which several insiders filed to Object to the Massive Conflicts of Interest and Outrageous Fees involving Tonkon Torp Law Firm and Kevin Padrick

More on that at the Link Below for Now (if Links are Broken due to stolen Domain Names, email me at for a copy of the Objection to Fees in Summit and in the Homestreet Bank Scandal involving Kevin Padrick of Obsidian Finance Group, as well as other documents of those who really do and have had issue with Obsidian and Kevin Padrick )

Sure must be a low blow to the Massive Ego of Marc Randazza to have been trumped by a blogger, and a Woman. Marc Randazza is one of those classic examples of Attorneys who simply shut you up and toss you in the back seat of a legal case as if he is smarter and can handle it, which obviously Marc Randazza is not smarter then blogger Crystal Cox even if Marc Randazza is conspiring to set up Blogger Crystal Cox to protect his Ego.

According to wikipedia, Marc Randazza serves as General Counsel to Corbin Fisher, who apparently is smart enough to own their dotcom, careful though there is a warning on the home page of naked men engaging in sex acts. Guess I better not buy, though it sounds like a fun name to have, but it seems that Corbin Fisher (an Adult Media Company) is a smart company owning their own dotcom and all. Too bad Corbin Fisher’s general counsel Dickhead Marc Randazza was not so smart. I think Blogger “Crystal Cox” would make a much better General Counsel for Corbin Fisher, don’t You?

According to wikipedia, Marc Randazza has “represented a number of well-known adult entertainment companies including, Bang Bus, and Milf Hunter. He also represents media businesses such as BME and bloggers in SLAPP suits.” So the Porn King Attorney Mark Randazza is all for Freedom of Speech, ... well EVERYTHING, except a Woman Being Smarter than Him and buying a dotcom of Marc Randazza can’t have that, so he is off to Portland to a Deposition of the Asset’s of Crystal Cox in order to conspire to set up Blogger Crystal Cox and teach her, me a lesson for being SMARTER than Ego Maniac Marc Randazza.

Maybe his buddy David Aman will Take the Domain Name Marc Randazza .com, which I bought after my Judgement and Maybe David Aman, attorney for Obsidian Finance Group, will simply GIVE the domain name Marc Randazza .com to Marc Randazza then he can STOP Crying over it.

Marc Randazza is Directly against the First Amendment Rights of Blogger Crystal Cox in her buying Marc Randazza .com. Yet Marc Randazza defends others in outrageous domain name ownership case.

Though Marc Randazza tells me he don’t care about WIPO, yes Marc Randazza actually said that in an email to Blogger Crystal Cox, anyway, According to wikipedia, Marc Randazza “has represented the defendant in Beck v. Eiland-Hall, a case before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) filed by political commentator Glenn Beck, ...The WIPO arbitrator ruled against Beck in the case, and in favor of Randazza's client.” Yet when I told Marc Randazza that I had represented myself in a WIPO case over an Attorney’s name and won, he said he did not care. Yet it sure seems that Marc Randazza is proud of his WIPO case win, in my opinion, of course.

SO what was the Beck V. Eiland-Hall case, and just what was Marc Randazza defending as a Free Speech right? Well the Domain name in that dispute was, (") .

Marc Randazza says I have no right to own a domain name that corresponds to his name, Geez Marc Randazza did not think that in this domain name (") I Guess that is just those double standards of Mr. Marc Randazza popping up again.

So Marc Randazza fought for the right for his client to own the domain name, "" - as you see at this link

Hypocrite Marc Randazza thinks it is OK for his client to buy and own a sick domain name such as that, that accuses a man of rape and murder, but it is not OK for me to own Marc Randazza .com. Seems a bit of a double standard, don't you think? It is not ok to own that kind of a domain name, it is sick, it accuses a man of rape and murder and yet is defended by Marc Randazza. That site seems to be gone now, so what happened, who bought it? What was the "pay off," the circumstance? Got a Tip?

Marc Randazza knows all about WIPO, and Copyrights, and Intellectual Property so why not just take the Domain Name? Why get on the Bandwagon of the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox to Stomp on the Free Speech Rights of All Citizen Journalists and to deliberately STOMP on the First Amendment Rights of every United States Citizen who my case, Obsidian V. Cox now represents in Free Speech Issues?

You see if Asshole Marc Randazza had a Right to take the Domain Name then he would right?

So why work with the "Bad Guys" to steal the domain name, because he wants to make a point and steal the Domain Name he was not smart enough to buy. And all with the Collateral Damage of the Rights of Free Speech of Every Blogger World Wide, and of the First Amendment Rights of Everyone, Period?

Marc Randazza thinks, as you will see in the emails, that I should have asked him before I bought Marc Randazza Dotcom, gee did his client ask Glen Beck if they could buy "" ? I bet NOT.

Marc Randazza is simply pissed off at a Woman who did not want to let him represent her, ME, even For Free, because he was an arrogant aggressive ass to me and because he went behind my back making deals BEFORE I even agreed to be his client. I have more respect for myself than to let a BULLY, Lying, Thug Such as Marc Randazza represent me, even if for FREE.

Marc Randazza is so mad at me for not choosing him, and at me, Blogger Crystal Cox for buying the Asshole's name as a dotcom, that Marc Randazza is making the World his Collateral Damage in a Marc Randazza pissing match with Blogger Crystal Cox.

Thing is, no matter what you Pricks set me up for, the TRUTH remains to be the TRUTH, the Criminal in all this REMAINS to be the Criminal, Kevin Padrick remains to be suspect of White Collar Crimes, and all those involved in the Summit Bankruptcy Scandal will remain to have been involved, and your foul play, ethics violations and double standards will one day bite you in the ASS. As the TRUTH has a way of rising to the TOP. I have Faith.

Marc Randazza is all for Free Speech and First Amendment Rights, but only in his selfish, immoral world of what Free Speech is and that does not seem to include citizen journalists exposing corruption or Internet Marketers who are Smarter then Marc Randazza and buy his dotcom.

Marc Randazza (Marc Randazza Corbin Fisher) - obviously needs Internet Marketing help, so I offered it to him as I do everyone I can. It’s what I do, I would like to make money at it. Marc Randazza has his panties so wound up around his you know what, he just can’t think. So instead of defending the First Amendment and those trying to expose corruption, Marc Randazza contacts the Plaintiff to work against the Pro Se First Amendment Defendant and on the Opposite Side of First Amendment Rights. And why? Because I bought and he was too dumb to buy it so now he wants to conspire to silence me.

Does Marc Randazza know that David Aman is alleged to be under an FBI Investigation over his connection to a man in Montana who tried to intimidate me to get me to take David Aman’s “Settlement Communication” which offered me a deal, if I commit a crime “ and just swear that people committed a crime that they did not, well then he would generously let me out of a 10 Million Dollar Lawsuit, is this Legal?

See That Post Here

And if you want to order the hearing transcript of the alleged FBI Investigation that hearing is called “Motion to Exclude” it is a matter of court record.

So what ever happens in the WAR between Crystal Cox (not a Porn Star) and Marc Randazza, First Amendment Attorney fighting for the rights of Porn Stars, and other Adult Entertainment First Amendment rights . . . well whatever happens, my intention on my first talk with Marc Randazza was to listen with an open mind, in the possibility of Marc Randazza representing me, and buying, well that is just what I do, I buy the names of those who are part of stories that I come across or involve me. The domain name was available, and so I bought it. I am for hire for PR, and Search Engine Marketing, I offer that service.

Marc Randazza is a Bully, and is now working with the Plaintiff in Obsidian Vs. Cox as Marc Randazza does not believe I have a legal right to own or to have bought, a domain name which you would think ol’ Marc Randazza would have owned long ago.

So why hasn’t Marc Randazza simply filed a WIPO complaint if Marc Randazza has the legal right to own Marc Randazza .com ? Well you see it seems like more fun and more vindictive for Marc Randazza to work on the opposite side of Free Speech and First Amendment Rights and instead set up blogger Crystal Cox with his Good Ol’ Buddies at Tonkon Torp and Obsidian Finance Group in which Marc Randazza attempted to make a deal with them, financially on my behalf BEHIND MY Back and when he did not represent me.

Yes, I am under the impression that back in December, Marc Randazza contacted the Plaintiff to make a deal on my behalf for them to change the judgement so it would not affect the Porn Industry Free Speech, and this was to be in my best interest. And I was told that at that same time Marc Randazza claimed to many in the First Amendment Bar, that he represented me, and yet Marc Randazza had not told me, the “Alleged” Client. In my Opinion, based on my personal experience I do not recommend nor trust Marc Randazza.

Marc Randazza, seems to me to work on the OPPOSITE side of Free Speech in order to teach a female investigative blogger a lesson for being smarter than him.

Marc Randazza was not offered the chance to buy Marc Randazza .com, NO WAY. He will only get the name if he files a WIPO complaint, or sucks up to Plaintiff Kevin Padrick and his Attorney David Aman, if they seize the Domain Name and give it to Marc Randazza in some deal possibly made to set up, to silence blogger Crystal Cox for exposing; Tonkon Torp Law Firm, Obsidian Finance Group and their connections to Oregon Solar Credits, PacifiCorp, Pacific Power, Judge Randall Dunn, Blue Heron Paper Company, Dept. of Justice Pamela Griffith, Perkins Coie Steven Hedberg, Sussman Shank Susan Ford and Tom Stilley, Miller Nash, Bonneville Power, Lake County Oregon Commissioners, the Bend Oregon D.A. Office.

Marc Randazza claims to be a Copyright Expert, so if there is a Legal Reason that Marc Randazza should get to own Marc Randazza .com that Marc Randazza was to dumb to buy, then why doesn’t big shot Domain Name Arbitration Lawyer Marc Randazza, simply TAKE Marc Randazza .com by force instead of working in the dark, in back alleys and side deals with the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox, which is looking to be the biggest case of Free Speech For Bloggers that the Blogsphere has ever seen in quite this way?

And if it is NOT Legal to buy Marc Randazza .com if I am not Marc Randazza, then why in the world is it Legal for Godaddy to Sell the Domain Name Marc Randazza .com?

So Liars, Thugs and Thieves, Sue Me, Set Me Up, Do what ever makes you feel better and sleep best at night. Punish me for being Smarter than you are. Still the Truth Remains the Truth, and even if you set me up from some jail time, you are still an asshole and you were still not smart enough to register your own name as dotcom. Enjoy the Game you're Playing with the First Amendment Rights of the Entire World.

You Know Your TRUTH and I know mine.
I Let Go, Let God. It will be What it will be.

Gee I hope that Randazza Legal Group owns Randazza Legal Group .com, as I won a WIPO Case for, you know what WIPO is, right Asshole?

Stay Tuned for Crystal Cox Vs. Marc Randazza Part 2 as the Pissing Match Continues. The next Part will have emails between Marc Randazza and Crystal Cox Blogger and explanations of communications from my point of view, of course. This will also include my Email to Marc Randazza rejecting him in representing me because Marc Randazza is an arrogant Ass and was disrespectful to me.

Source of Information in this Article - Marc Randazza Corbin Fisher -

And from notes of my phone call and emails with Marc Randazza and with other Attorneys of the First Amendment Bar as well as other Internet Research

Got a Tip on Marc Randazza? I would love to know.,,

Marc Randazza is a BUTTHURT Hypocrite. Marc Randazza is helping the Plaintiff in Obsidian Vs. Cox, because he is "Butthurt" that Crystal Cox Bought Mark Randazza .com, Yet Marc Randazza says "Butthurt is Butthurt" and No Recourse is ALLOWED for Sandra Fluke, So Why Does Butt Hurt Marc Randazza GET his Pay Day REVENGE?

"Butthurt is not Defamation.  Butthurt is Butthurt, and you don't get paid for that in the United States of America. Not on my watch." ~ Marc J. Randazza

Source of Marc J. Randazza Quote

WOW, Shocking words from a man who is So "Butthurt" that Blogger Crystal Cox rejected him as her attorney, even if it was for FREE, that he turned on me, threatened to make me his ENEMY and then Sided with the Plaintiff out to Suppress Free Speech for All Bloggers who Do What I Do.

Marc Randazza is So "BUTTHURT" that Blogger Crystal Cox, ME bought Marc Randazza .com, that Marc Randazza is willing to sacrafice Free Speech for All in Siding with the EVIL Plaintiff in Obsidian Finance Group V. Pro Se Blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza has Double Standards on Top of top
of Double Standards.  

Marc Randazz is pissed off at Blogger Crystal Cox because I bought Marc Randazza .com, and so he wants "Paid" for "Being Butthurt".  And YES in the United States.

Marc Randazza wanted me to give him the Domain Name that he was to DUMB to Buy, this is essentially wanted PAID for being "Butthurt", Right?

By giving him something that did NOT belong to him, so that he would not make me an Enemy.  That was his THREAT.  So Because I chose to NOT cower to Marc Randazza's Threats, Marc Randazza has contacted the Plaintiff in Obsidian Vs. Cox and offered to give "testimony", a Deposition, in Effort to Help the Plaintiff Steal Domain Names that I use to make a Living and to flat out SEIZE Marc Randazza .com, which I bought after the $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement Against Me.

Marc Randazza is "BUTTHURT" and "Whiny" because Internet Savvy Crystal Cox Blogger was smarter then Marc Randazza, Alleged First Amendment Attorney, but only when it comes to things other then Marc Randazza's Butthurt EGO.

Marc Randazza is really a "Media Whore" and where there looks to be a high profile Freedom of Speech Case there is Marc Randazza Yammering some Gibberish and pretending it is in the name of Free Speech and the First Amendment.  However, NOT when it comes to the Free Speech of Citizen Journalists and Anti-Corruption Bloggers such as Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza, "Media Whore"  is now defending Rush Limbaugh, and pretending it is in the name of Free Speech, while at the same time in secret talks to STOMP on the First Amendment in Obsidian Vs. Cox.

Marc Randazza, "Media Whore"  is Yapping on the Rush Limbaugh calling a Woman a Slut and Prostitute Case, because Marc Randazza, "Media Whore"  wants attention on him as a celebrity First Amendment Attorney. Thing is that does not mean that Marc Randazza is really for the First Amendment, Free Speech and Constitutional Rights of ALL. FOR Marc Randazza is Not For the Constitutional Rights of Female Blogger Clients such as Me, who DEMAND to be treated with RESPECT, or I will not even let HIM work FOR ME for FREE. There are more important things then MONEY. I have worked for over 6 years, and put my life, ever cent, and gave up everything I knew as my life to Fight for These Victims and I Will Be Damned if I will Let Some, Pompous Arrogant Attorney sit me in the corner and shut me up.

Marc Randazza, "Media Whore", interjecting is Two Cents on the Rush Limbaugh Rant, is simply to drum up business, because he won a case or two, but has sense spent that money and NOW needs to get his nose into High Profile Free Speech Cases to get another Gig. Marc Randazza is NOT Do Gooder for the the Freedom of Speech for All.

Marc Randazza told Blogger Crystal Cox, "you really want to make an enemy of me" and all I, Blogger Crystal Cox, did was Reject Marc Randazza as my attorney because he was pompous, arrogant, self assuming and treated me as if I have no brain. AND I bought a Domain Name that Internet Genius, Domain Name Arbitration Expert, and Alleged Internet Legal Super Star Marc Randazza was to Slow on the Draw to Buy.

Marc Randazza brags that he is the first one that people call in a defamation suit, thing is that is because those people found Marc Randazza in the search engines. Yet Marc Randazza did not have the brains to buy Marc Randazza .com, so now Marc Randazza is butt hurt and working with Obsidian Finance Group and Tonkon Torp Law Firm whom single handidly STOMPED on the First Amendment Rights of ALL.

More on Blogger Crystal Cox Vs. Egotistical Ass, Vindictive, Liar, UnEthical,

More on the Marc Randazza, "Media Whore"  defending Rush Limbaugh
for calling a woman a Slut and a Prostitute.

Got a Tip on First Amendment SCUM Lawyer Marc Randazza?
Email me at OR
Posted Here by Investigative Blogger
Crystal L. Cox

More of Me Yammering About Marc Randazza's BULLSHIT

Marc Randazza Talks a Good Game for Freedom of Speech and First Amendment Rights, However Marc Randazza DOES not Walk the Talk when it comes to his own Butthurt EGO Trip and the First Amendment Rights of Others. Marc Randazza is a Hypocrite, a Liar, an Asshole and has Violated my First Amendment Rights.

Marc Randazza Emails Blogger Crystal Cox and Demands She Turn over Marc Randazza .com, even though Marc RandazzaRandazza Legal Group and Corbin Fisher, has fought for others to own domain names with people's name and even worse.

Though Marc Randazza knows that Blogger Crystal Cox won a WIPO case involving several Domain Names of Top Lawyers of one of the Worlds Biggest Law Firms, Proskauer Rose, still Marc Randazza threatens me, blogger Crystal Cox, that I if I don't turn over the Domain Name that will make him an enemy.  Marc Randazza knows I have every legal and ethical right to have bought and to own Marc Randazza .com, yet Marc Randazza is teaching me a lesson by working with the Plaintiff in Obsidian Vs. Cox to steal my Domain Names as Assets, even though a couple of months ago Marc Randazza could have bought Marc Randazza .com for $10.

Marc Randazza is a such a hypocrite as he writes about the Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh Issue and seems to be defending free speech, yet at the same time claims that she is Butthurt and that Butthurt does not pay in the United States on His Watch.  Yet at the Same Time Marc Randazza is trying to make Blogger Crystal Cox PAY for his Butthurt over not buying his own name as a Dotcom (DotDUMB that Was), anyway now Marc Randazza is headed to Portland Oregon for a March 23 Deposition, one in which I am sure if you check his communications records, Marc Randazza contacted the Plaintiff's Camp to work AGAINST Crystal Cox Blogger, and Against Free Speech.

In Marc Randazza's article regarding Sandra Fluke, Marc Randazza Said this,
"When a plaintiff alleging defamation is a public figure, he or she must show that the allegedly false statements were made with actual malice – that is, knowing falsity, or a reckless disregard for the truth. N.Y. Times Co. v. Sullivan"  SO Marc Randazza is fully aware that in Obsidian V. Cox, Obsidian and Kevin Padrick are Public Figures and I had NO Actual Malice.  Marc Randazza spoke with me and told other First Amendment Lawyers that he represented me, Blogger Crystal Cox, and claimed to have been negotiating with the Plaintiff, which was news to me.  Now if Marc Randazza claims this did not happen, I am sure the other Attorneys will not lose their career in a perjured deposition to lie for Marc Randazza.

Link to the Butthurt Sandra Fluke / Marc Randazza Article

I want to Sue Marc Randazza, email me at to represent me Pro Bono.  Surely Marc Randazza has liability insurance for his yaps and threats. And isn't it illegal to act as if he represented me and try and negotiate a deal giving my private information to the Plaintiff, when he had not discussed with me, the "Alleged" Client?

Marc Randazza may flat out lie to you and say he was Subpoenad and did not contact the Plaintiff First, thing is over 6 years I have registered hundreds of "other people's names" as domain names, so why in the world would the Plaintiff Subpoena only ONE.  The Truth is that Marc Randazza contacted them to make me, Blogger Crystal Cox, pay for the Marc Randazza Butthurt.

Here is the Article where Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group says that Butthurt is Butthurt, and not defamation and that Butthurt does not pay in the United States on his watch. even though when it comes to Butthurt Marc Randazza he sure is teaching Blogger Crystal Cox a lesson in what it is to be an "enemy" of the Infamous double talking, hypocritical ASSHOLE Marc Randazza.

Marc Randazza Defended Isaac Eiland-Hall in the buying, owning and using the domain name
"" , yet Marc Randazza emailed me and told me I have no right to own a domain name that resembles his name. Talk about Double Standards.

Oh and Let's not forget the Ted Klaudt Common Law Copyright Dispute, and check out the Photo that Marc Randazza used for that article, (it is below on the left).  In the Ted Klaudt case.

The Headline Reads "Former Rep Ted Klaudt claims "common law copyright" in his name to try and suppress news stories about him raping his kids".

Marc Randazza Says, "We sure do see a lot of intellectual property abuse around here. This has to be the best one yet. Former South Dakota State Representative Ted Klaudt claims that he has a "common law copyright" in his name, and thus any news organization or other publication that uses his name must pay him a licensing fee of $500,000."

Yet Marc Randazza feels that he has copyright of his name. So the Name Marc Randazza is a bigger, better name than Former South Dakota State Representative Ted Klaudt's name? How does that Work? Marc Randazza is willing to take help the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox to take the Domain Names of Blogger Crystal Cox in effort to hide the Secret Deals, Corruption, and Conflicts of Industry, involving Law Firms Tonkon TorpSussman Shank, Perkins Coie and Miller Nash and involving Solar Tax Credits and the Actions of Obsidian Finance Group's Kevin Padrick as a Trustee in a $40 Million Dollar Bankruptcy out of Bend Oregon. Marc Randazza is also willing to STOMP on the Free Speech and First Amendment Rights of all in helping a Plaintiff that he admitted was certainly hurting Free Speech for All.

In the Ted Klaudt Scandal, Marc Randazza accuses the actions of Ted Klaudt to be simply to stop a "news organization" from informing the public. Which is exactly what I was doing. Obsidian Finance Group had no legal right to be the Trustee, neither did Kevin Padrick, as he was an insider. This case needs investigated and many were harmed and not just financially, lives were ruined. Marc Randazza will now be named in the Federal RICO Complaint I am Filing, as Well as FBI Complaints and Department of Justice Complaints. I have been investigating this story for 4 years, and Butthurt Marc Randazza is now on the side of suppressing information but taking my domain names and siding with the WRONG side First Amendment Rights.

In that Same Article Marc Randazza Says this to Ted Klaudt.
"Guess what Klaudt, you just made yourself even more famous, short eyes."
I Say This to Hypocrite Marc Randazza, "Guess What Fuckhead Marc Randazza, your working with the Bad Guys and you WILL Be even "more famous" as a thug, liar and asshole" But surely that was what you were going for.

Source information for Marc Randazza Article and Marc Randazza Case and Yammer Research

Ted Klaudt Article, Complete with Photo

Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke Research Links
Marc Randazza is a LIAR when He Claims to Love the First Amendment, Marc Randazza only loves the First Amendment when it gets him a JOB.

"" Case Research Links

Posted here by
Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox
aKa, Marc Randazza ENEMY

Domainer Crystal Cox, also Investigative BLOGGER Says Flat Out, Mark Randazza is in NO WAY a "Domainer Advocate". Marc Randazza is fighting Domainer Crystal Cox for being Smart Enough to Buy Marc .

This Blog Post Headline Reads "Domainer advocate Marc Randazza on CNN"

Folks this is Flat WRONG. Marc Randazza is NOT on the Side of the Domainer, NO WAY. Marc Randazza has threatened Domainer, Blogger Crystal Cox for Buying Marc Randazza .com (A Domain). Mark Randazza is no Advocate for Domainers nor Free Speech or the First Amendment Rights of All.

Marc Randazza Post Claiming that Marc Randazza is on the Side of Domainers.  Marc Randazza is not on the Side of this Domainer. I have been a Domainer sine 2005. I have Been to TRAFFIC, have joined associations over the years and met the biggest players out there. And believe Marc Randazza is NO Advocate for the Domainers. Here is the Blog Quote.

"Las Vegas based attorney Marc Randazza, runs the popular law blog The Legal Satyricon. The blog centers around law, freedom of speech issues, technology and – surprise, surprise – domain names and the universe of issues that bring along, such as cybersquatting, UDRP cases and trademarks.

Distinguished for his sharp sense of humor and licensed to practice in Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts and Nevada, Marc is often a quiet “behind the scenes” domainer advocate.

Today, CNN features Marc Randazza’s stance on the First Amendment and the right to voicing one’s opinion, regardless of how extreme it might be."

Source of Marc Randazza Gibberish

Marc Randazza is Directly Working Against Crystal Cox Domain and Blogger's First Amendment Rights and my rights to "voicing my opinion". As well as my voice exposing documented FACT. Marc Randazza is a Hypocrite.

posted here by
Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger
Industry Whistleblower
ENEMY of Marc Randazza

Marc Randazza ~ now Marc Randazza of The Legal Satyricon, Randazza Legal Group, has his buddies blogging about Marc Randazza of The Legal Satyricon, Randazza Legal Group in an attempt for Marc Randazza to hide the Marc Randazza, Crystal Cox Scandal and Massive VIOLATIONS of my Free SPEECH and First Amendment Rights by Marc Randazza.

Marc Randazza Scandal

Here are Some Marc Randazza Tidbits from this Marc Randazza Love Post
The Quote Posts are in BLUE, and the Source of the Quotes is Listed At the End.

"Marc Randazza sees the Rakofsky suit, and far too many like it, as an attempt to pervert the power of law to the cause of stifling speech. He leapt, almost unbidden, to the defense of the Rakofsky blawgers in need of representation. "

Marc Randazza of The Legal Satyricon, Randazza Legal Group is the one attempting to "pervert" power.

Marc Randazza is the KING of Perverting Power.

Marc Randazza of The Legal Satyricon, Randazza Legal Group tried to bluff Blogger Crystal Cox and tell me I had no right to own, buy and blog on Marc Randazza . com. Yet, Marc Randazza, defending others in Domain Name Ownership with the actual names of people and domain names themselves that accuse people of horrible acts. This is Ok to Marc Randazza, yet it is not ok for Crystal Cox, Blogger, Domainer to have purchased Marc Randazza .com .

Marc Randazza tried to pull a power trip over Crystal Cox, me and tell me I had no right to own Marc Randazza .com, which is simply NOT True. Marc Randazza STOMPS on my rights of Free Speech, and works against me in a case where if I don't get my case over turned, all BLOGGERS will be affected, no matter what the Lies of David Carr of the New Times is Telling You.

The Obsidian V. Cox case is the biggest case EVER regarding One Individual Blogger, that is Truly Independent, if Marc Randazza and the Plaintiff shut down my voice then this affects all Bloggers till the end of time, or the Internet as we know it.

The Obsidian V. Cox case is truly about a Blogger getting wind of a story and fighting for the victims, selflessly for 4 years and losing everything to stand up for what is right. The Obsidian V. Cox case is a case about finding information, digging through years of documents, getting tips and emails, reading document after documents, interviewing insiders, reading legal filings, reading contracts, listening to court audios, reading court transcripts and EXPOSING the inside details of a 40 Million Dollar Bankruptcy.

 The Obsidian V. Cox case is about the Plaintiff, Obsidian Finance Group trying to hide their secrets and what really happened and about David Aman of Tonkon Torp Law Firm protecting the involvement of Tonkon Torp, Leon Simson, David Peterson and David Aman himself in the Summit Bankruptcy. David Aman is still fighting to silence blogger Crystal Cox, because David Aman was involved in the Summit Bankruptcy Scandal as you see in the Objection to the Fees filed by several insiders in that case. There was also emails to and with David Aman and the Department of Justice, and with other attorneys involved as they tried to Tell David Aman, Tonkon Torp of what was going on and how violated the rights of creditors and seemed to violate Bankruptcy Code.

David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law Firm, knows that what Crystal Cox Blogger is saying is TRUE, yet David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law Firm fights to take domain names to shut me down. Thing is Obsidian V. Cox will be overturned, TRUTH will win for REAL over alleged Defamation and investigators will really find out the TRUTH about the Behind the Scenes of the Summit Bankruptcy that they have for over 4 years ignored. David S. Aman, Tonkon Torp Lawyer knows that blogger Crystal Cox did not have actual malice and in fact had and has actual documents of truth, fact and anyone who can read can see that what Blogger Crystal Cox has and is Exposing has tons of documentation to back it up.

David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law firm fought for Kevin Padrick as Trustee in every issue over the Summit Scandal. And David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law firm even deposed Bankruptcy Whistleblower Stephanie DeYoung to ask about blogger Crystal Cox, yet did not contact me until 2 years later when I was Sued for 10 Million Dollars for EXPOSING THEM.

David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law firm is fighting to this day to try and shut down my blog, and this is to protect David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law firm and Leon Simson, David Peterson and others at Tonkon Torp, as they were involved in the alleged corruption I am exposing.

More on the above Blog Post Praising Marc Randazza

"I had heard of Marc Randazza prior to being named as a Rakofsky defendant, but I had never had any contact with him. His presence and reputation were known to me through his blog, The Legal Satyricon, and through the blogging of others, such as Scott Greenfield or Ken-at-Popehat who know him firsthand.

Marc Randazza is a zealot, but a zealot of the best kind. His zealotry finds its focus in the First Amendment, and particularly the portions of that Amendment protecting freedom of speech and expression. Speech, without regard to its couth, its coarseness, its wisdom, its dunderheadedness, its cultural value, its tendency to discomfit or offend, is embraced by the First Amendment, and Marc Randazza has devoted his career to its preservation. Like Horatius at the bridge, Marc Randazza stands beside the Sluice of Speech to defend it and to see that its flow stays as wide and as free and as indiscriminate as possible. "

This person seems to really like Marc Randazza, and to have had a good experience with Marc Randazza, I can respect that, thing is the facts of Marc Randazza and Crystal Cox are still the same. Marc Randazza really did violate my rights. Marc Randazza really did tell members of the First Amendment Bar that Marc Randazza represented me, and Marc Randazza really did contact the Plaintiff in my case to negotiate a deal on my behalf that I was not aware of. This violated my rights, gave the bad guys my strategy and inside information and was simply WRONG. Months later Marc Randazza really did contact the Plaintiff and offer to give a Subpoena to TAKE the Domain Names of Blogger, Domainer Crystal Cox in order to help the Plaintiff to silence my voice and the REWARD to Marc Randazza, I Believe, to be, Control over Marc Randazza .com .

Source of Quotes above ...

Folks, email me for my story, I plan to post more as soon as I have time, thing is Marc Randazza violated my Constitutional Rights. Marc Randazza went to the "Other Side" in Obsidian V. Cox, after talking to me and Marc Randazza did NOT have my permission. Marc Randazza misled me, and Marc Randazza suggested I not appeal for the Good of Other Bloggers, which I was open to, if that was best, however Turns out Marc Randazza may have gave me bad information that may have affected the Free Speech and First Amendment Rights of All Bloggers and Citizen Journalists.

Marc Randazza knows that the Oregon Retraction Laws Apply to Blogger Crystal Cox, Marc Randazza knows that Crystal Cox had no "actual malice" and that I, Blogger Crystal Cox, to this day believe, that there was foul play and illegal behavior in the actions of David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law Firm and Kevin Padrick of Obsidian Finance Group.

Check your Facts, they are there, Depose me, Marc Randazza, and all involved, check phone and email records and you will see that indeed Marc Randazza contacted the Plaintiff without the Defendants approval and Marc Randazza gave the Plaintiff privileged strategy and information regarding Blogger Crystal Cox. Marc Randazza told other member of the First Amendment Bar that Marc Randazza represented Crystal Cox, and that he, Marc Randazza had already spoke with the Plaintiff's side to negotiate a deal. Marc Randazza to these same folks that he represented me and this caused me more stress in my case, as I had to explain what happened with Marc Randazza, and that he did not work for me, even though he was putting in "time and energy" on my case, and acting as my attorney without my permission.

If Marc Randazza lies about all this then it's a feud among Lawyers on who is lying, as I have proof. The Marc Randazza article above, may well be one Marc Randazza opinion or Marc Randazza Experience, Thing Is it is Certainly not my Experience with Marc Randazza of The Legal Satyricon, Randazza Legal Group.

See Marc Randazza, and all reading this, I really am telling the TRUTH and anyone that can read, hear, see, can easily see that TRUTH.

Instead most, including Marc Randazza, simply believe FORBES, the New York Times and the Plaintiff's lies about me, as they fight to cover up $40 Million in Secrets, and this also makes Obsidian Finance Group and Tonkon Torp look bad to the Energy Companies they Lobby For, to those who issue Solar Tax Credits, to PacifiCorp, and more.

The Thing is, I am telling the Truth to the best of my ability and have been for years on this same matter. Look at the Summit Objection to the Fees, the Lake County Residents Upset at Obsidian, the Objection to the Fees in Washington filed Against Obsidian Finance Group for the SAME thing that Kevin Padrick did in the Summit Bankruptcy. There is easily proven pattern and history for a Federal RICO Lawsuit. And now Marc Randazza has jumped in the middle of it all in the alleged name of Free Speech and First Amendment rights, yet at the same time Marc Randazza, has violated my Free Speech and First Amendment Rights.

I Trusted Marc Randazza, and he betrayed me, Plain and Simple.

Marc Randazza REFUSES Answering my Questions, though I am Pro Se and Marc Randazza has been Subpoenaed by the Plaintiff, Allegedly.

Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group Is Painting Crystal Cox in False Light, even though Marc Randazza wanted to represent Crystal Cox Blogger in her "Appeal". Marc Randazza seems to be lying to create a smoke screen and to divert from the real issues and crimes surrounding the Obsidian Finance Group Vs. Crystal Cox Defamation Case (Civil), Turned Extortion Conviction (Criminal)

Marc Randazza offered to buy Marc long ago, though Kashmir Hill of Forbes has the story all wrong, and has not even seen the entire email communication between Blogger Crystal Cox and Marc Randazza nor does she know of the content of the Marc Randazza Crystal Cox phone call.

Anyway, Marc Randazza offered for the Domain Name, then he demanded, both I refused. Then Marc Randazza, to teach me a lesson, called the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox to offer Testimony, a Deposition, to set me up for Extortion though I never Extorted Him. This because he was upset over me buying the Domain Name, which is certainly NOT illegal.

AFTER Marc Randazza Joined Forces with the "Bad Guys", the Plaintiff, 
and I, being my own attorney was given notice of Marc Randazza's Deposition to set me up, then I got upset and AFTER this, I bought several more dotcoms to prove a point, and noticing that Marc Randazza 's wife and daughter's dotcom was available, what better way to make the point of how bad he is at this "Domainer" thing, and how he is NOT the Internet Expert he Claims to Be.

See even after Marc Randazza threatened me for own his dot com and even though he defened  Isaac Eiland-Hall in the buying, owning and using the domain name
"" , still he did not buy the dot com of his beloved, WHAT?

Marc Randazza emailed me and told me I have no right to own a domain name that resembles his name. Talk about Double Standards. Was it extortion for the Glen Beck name to be purchased and used attacking Glen Back and accusing him of rape and murder? This Domain Name "implies"that a Young Girl is a "Minor" right? And it accuses a man of a Rape and Murder. This is Ok in the Eyes of Attorney Marc Randazza, but for some reason me Owning is not, nor Owning and his childs name, which I bought AFTER he joined the plaintiff to PROVE and to prove Point, and I never Published that Information he did that. Kenneth White and Marc Randazza did that with her photo, as did Forbes Kashmir Hill. NOT ME.

Even after the threat to me for buying, he still was to dumb to buy the dotcom of his own wife and child. I wanted to point out that he was a Fraud in his representation to Potential Clients, as I had interviewed Marc Randazza to possibly represent me, and he was so Disrespectful that I chose a better choice for me and for the Entire Blogger V. Journalist, Free Speech, First Amendment Rights Debate. I did not initiate connect with Marc Randazza, nor Him to me, we agreed to talk through the recommendation of another person, one of my Investigative Bloggers, whom was also on the call.

I never "Begged" Marc Randazza to be my Attorney, in FACT I never even asked. I simply took the call in order to feel out my options, and get more information on what I thought to be Experts in the First Amendment Bar.  I had already been contacted by the Attorney I did choose and was weighing my options. And trying to learn all I could for best of for all who do what I do, so I could make the right decision on the next step for the Greater Good.

Marc Randazza, almost lost me the Attorney I wanted, because Marc Randazza told the Attorney that he represented me. This was after my Attorney had heard through others of the First Amendment Bar that Marc Randazza was representing me.

Those believing I begged him to be my Attorney are Flat Wrong, think about it, why would I do that when I already had what I deem to be the most respected First Amendment Expert. A Legal Scholar who treated me with respect and focused on the Merits of the Case and nothing petty what so ever. I chose a man who is Respectful of my Rights and Talks kind to me, treats me with dignity even if he disagrees he is respectful about it and presents a very Intelligent, Sensible reason why he may disagree.

I had already spoke to this man, and read his incredible resume (Click Here to Read).

And yes I took a call to see what Marc Randazza Had to say, to offer, and out of respect for my Investigative Blogger whom contacted him. And I took the call to explore my options, thing is we did not speak again and next thing I knew, he was telling others he represented me and I had already agreed to work with the Attorney I chose. I had to contact Marc Randazza to tell him he did not represent me and why, I will be posting that email in Full coming soon. No one sentence pulled out as Kash-Shmear Hill likes to do, instead of investigate the entire TRUTH and Real FACTS.

Keep in mind this Plaintiff that Marc Randazza decided to align with was the same Plaintiff he was negotiating with in December of 2011, on my behalf and WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Conflicts of Interest, Talking Behind the Potential Clients Back, Giving Away my Strategy, and completely disrespecting me and violating my right.

So Marc Randazza offered to buy the Domain Name, then Marc Randazza emailed and said you made your point what do you want and now he is Roaring that I extorted HIM, that is simply not true and is a Smoke Screen to cover up what he actually did to me.

Now Cut to David Aman, the Original Accuser of Extortion, and the One whom gave Forbes the infamous, false light defamatory email AFTER he had already won his case against me. See the Media Frenzy saying I am Guilty Until Never Given the Chance to be Proven Innocent, well they all got their Story from David AmanTonkon Torp Attorney for the Plaintiff.  Yet David Aman, Tonkon Torp Attorney in his Frenzy to set me up for Extortion is still making me offers to Settle.

Yesterday, April 2nd 2012 David Aman, made and Offer to My Attorney to Settle. Why do this ? See David AmanTonkon Torp Attorney really wants to set me up for Extortion, he recently Deposed me and it was all about setting me up and previous income instead a real asset probe which would be about future income.

Last Week David AmanTonkon Torp Attorney threatened to file another Motion to Compel with Judge Hernandez to threaten and Harass me some more, this week an offer to Settle. It is all so convoluted.

Posted Here by
Crazy Crystal Cox
aKa - the Unhinged Blogger
Crystal Cox Marc Randazza WAR

More Regarding the Crystal Cox WAR against Lying Hypocritical Asshole Marc Randazza

Marc Randazza Violated my Rights, Exposed my Strategy, Negotiate for me with the Plaintiff without my permission, I am the Client, My rights were denied. 

Marc Randazza says Sandra Fluke is Butthurt, Marc Randazza is the One Butthurt

Marc Randazza Defends Rush Limbaugh, Yet Attacks me for Calling His Wife a Slut and Buying Domain Names. 

Marc Randazza on the Wrong Side of Free Speech 

Why in the World Defend the Owning of and yet attack me for buying a name in a Dotcom? Oh I know, double standards.

This is what I sent Marc Randazza via Email, in my Pro Se Capacity after being Notified by Opposing Counsel that Marc Randazza had a Deposition in Portland. Marc Randazza Rejected this Document.

No Way is Marc Randazza a Friend to Domainers 

Post Here by
Altruistic Investigative Blogger
Reverend Crystal Cox

Marc Randazza and Crystal Cox Emails ( More Marc Randazza Emails will Be Posted Soon. The Marc Randazza emails before these Marc Randazza Emails.

The Great Debate of  "Whom Extorted Whom"  Continues. 
 I really think I do present the better legal case, don't you?
Oh Well It's all Just a Satire and Parody Anyway Right?
(for those who don't know, I make this joke because that was Randazza's
Defense in the WIPO Case with Glen Beck )

Marc Randazza spoke with me an  Anti-Corruption Blogger who blogs on my blogs. This was on December 10th, 2011. Keep in mind time was critical at this point in getting a notice of appeal in or a Motion for a New Trial.

After the Phone Call I sent Marc Randazza lot's of documents, and last I heard he would read them to see if my argument was preserved enough to want to represent me and to see if he had a conflict of interest with the Media Bloggers Association.

Meanwhile, with Time Running out, I was weighing out all options. Another Attorney had contacted me on Dec. 6th, 2011 and said he wanted to represent me, but was waiting for clearance from his firm as this was completely Pro Bono and there was a process to go through. So I was not sure if he would represent me for sure or not. So I was still looking at other Attorney Options, and trying to see if it was even best to appeal, for I was going to do it Pro Se if no Attorney was on board. And wanted as many Expert as Opinions as I could, for this case matter to so many Whistle Blowers, Anti-Corruption Bloggers and Citizen Journalists.

So after the December 10th, 2011 Phone Call and Tons of Documents send, there was not another word from or regarding Marc Randazza until the 14th of December at exactly 5:06 PM when Marc Randazza Emailed me this, "

TO: Crystal L. Cox
December 14, 2011 5:06 PM

FROM: ""


I have reviewed the file, and I have pondered the issues, and I have decided that I will take your case.  We need to talk about some of the issues of representation before finalizing it. But, I am game.

When can you talk? "

How Ironic was that, as the Other Attorney had Emailed me at Exactly 5:00 PM regarding, hearing that Marc Randazza represented me, and wanted to know if he should call off the Pro Bono Process.

It seems that he had been told by others in the First Amendment Bar that Marc Randazza represented me, and so he called Marc Randazza up and flat out asked him. And it seems that Marc Randazza indeed claimed to be representing me, and even seemed to have spoke of a negotiation he was under way with as my "Attorney".

So of course acting as my Attorney he would violate my rights and negotiate without talking to me right? So just what was the terms of this negotiation on my alleged, behalf ? And if he did represent me in his own mind then how is it ethical to go to the other side with my strategy at that time. And how is it ethical to later, in a revenge over a domain name I refused to turn over to his demands, he went to the Plaintiff in this amazingly important First Amendment Case, and Side with them to Set me up for Extortion ?  Did this secret negotiation giving away inside information and strategy acting as my attorney have anything to do with the Motion for a New Trial Process?  What did Marc Randazza discuss with the Plaintiff's Camp? Is all this Legal? If so it is Certainly NOT ETHICAL.

Obviously the Reviewing and Pondering was well past, and Marc Randazza was acting as my Attorney. He emailed me he would take the case and told another Attorney he represented me, or so it would seem. Even though he made it clear to the other attorney that he had already been spending time and effort on this case.

So another words, Marc Randazza was acting as my attorney well before the 5:06 Email of Dec. 14th 2011, in which Marc Randazza finally let me, the client, know that he would take my case, though he had already told many he represented me, and had been already negotiating as my attorney.

It was recommended that I contact Marc Randazza and Let Marc Randazza know that he does not represent me. So My Response to Marc Randazza in the Above Email was The Following, and it was sent to Both Attorneys

"From: Crystal L. Cox 
To:; "" 
Sent: Friday, December 16, 2011 9:21 AM
Subject: from Pre Se Defendant Crystal L. Cox

I hope this email finds you doing well.  I just want to clarify a few things as respectfully as I can.

Marc, it was nice talking with you, I do feel your working in the best interest of bloggers.  After our conversation I sent documents, not even all, as you needed them another way, I never heard different and I prayed about our connection and its of the "greater good" and well Marc, when on the phone with me you told me I messed this up, thing is I am divinely led, and I did a great job, and in losing I got voice to the victims I fight for.  I DID NOT MESS UP.

I filed tons of document, not the way you would of but they are in the public record, and also this trial, to me as it stands will be used to assist me in filing a Federal RICO Lawsuit and a Whistleblower Lawsuit, as I got them to perjury themself.  And my goal is justice for all, and though an attorney may have got me out of this early, thing is there would have been someone else to sue me, or another to get sued to bring about the change in bloggers rights that this will bring. I did NOT mess up, and its important to me to be respected as the strong, intelligent, woman that I am, as my intention is really of the light, is good and ya sometimes I seem over the top but I am all heart on this, and my victims I will fight to the death for.

That's just who and what I am.  You, Marc do not seem to respect me, or treat me as if I am worthy, equal to you, and it feels like you want your client, or possibly women in general to take a back seat to you and that's not me.  And to confirm all this for me as I prayed for a sign, I heard thru several channels that you were saying you represented me, but did not give me the decency or respect to tell me or even keep me in the loop.
To not even email me back that you read any of the documents, to not contact me and then I hear your representing me.  You said you may have a conflict and would let me know, you did not let me know and then seemed to tell others your were representing me, and you wanted money I don't have.

To me, after working 7 years at this, facing judges set me up, cops set me up, attorneys screw me over, death threats, being drugged, and extreme duress and persecution over all this for so long, well, you telling others you represent me BEFORE telling me, well that is on the wrong side of the moral and ethical compass to me.  And is opposite of the equal rights, women's rights, lesbian rights, bloggers rights, citizen journalists rights, victims rights that I fight for. 

Marc I got your forward last night, thing is I know the exact dollar amount of the transcripts, have known for over a week, and i know the court clerk email, been in this a year now.  So that proves again you think me clueless, i have no money to get the transcripts at this time.
Eug ene spoke highly of you and even recommended you, thing is I will not speak with anyone on this from the law aspect expect Eu gene, if he can't represent me, I will not appeal.

As Eug ene represents what I fight for, and no disrespect marc just a tip for your future, Eug  ene emailed me here and there and let me know what was going on, he listened to me, respected me and never once told me I messed up or EVER assumed anything about me.  Nor did he speak of my journalistic standards as an issue, as you did.  He never hesitated in wanted to represent me, it was simply a matter of if he could.  He is Kind to me, smart and treats me with dignity and respect, you do not.  Sorry that Simple.

So Just wanted you to know a bit why, and confirm, Marc Randazza does NOT represent me in ANY way.  Eug ene Vo lok h represents me, and if he can't then so be it, I will leave that in the hands of the Great Spirit.  I will not lose my voice, my dignity, and respect in this.  I know my Truth though many others are trashing me, I know my truth. 

The New York Times and Forbes are legally defaming me and inspiring a lynch mob based on one email that they refuse to discuss my side or even investigate the truth.  I want to file lawsuits against them, and I intend to fight back. 

I do not want to sit down and shut up, I do not want a back seat in this, though I dont want to interfere or tell an attorney whats best, thing is I know the clerks, the case, the documents and I just want respect for what I have done and not told I messed up. 

I have lost my home phone, and internet, I am to be evicted on Monday, I keep fighting and blogging and I will no matter what. This last year I lost everything that was dear to me, and my life as I knew it, corruption has done everything to shut me down.  So no disrespect Marc, I just don't like the way you treated me.

take care and keep up the great work for the better good of all victims of a corrupt justices system that makes victims out to be criminals.  The Lie will NOT stand as the TRUTH on my watch.  I am certain of my Fight, my Mission per say.  

Blessings to You

In Love and Light, 

Crystal L. Cox
Broker Owner
Crystal L. Cox
Search Engine Reputation Manager
Investigative Blogger
Good Life International Distributor

Peace and Love to You !!! "

Marc Randazza Responded 7 Minutes Later, Saying This,
and he copied the other Attorney, 

"Friday, December 16, 2011 9:28 AM
FROM: ""
To: Crystal L. Cox

"Ok, thank you for your email. I wish you the absolute best of luck in this matter. "

More From Marc Randazza

"Friday, December 16, 2011 12:55 PM


I want to address a few things:

First and foremost, if you feel that I did not treat you respectfully, I humbly apologize. I do not wish to leave that un-discussed. People like you are important for the future of citizen journalism, and I wish to see you succeed.

I also want to correct a misperception here. I did not tell anyone that I represented you, for certain. I did tell the opposing counsel that I thought a deal might be brokered - but that I wanted to speak to him first (to test his waters with respect to a possible mutually agreeable resolution).

Finally, I want to make it clear that our discussion about money was in terms of "costs." I thought that I made it clear that my bills, my fees (my income) would be waived. All that I was asking you about being able to pay was out of pocket reimbursement of expenses.

Despite the contents of this email, I wish to let you know that I am sill willing to lend a hand in any way - even in the background.

-Marc "

Response From Crystal Cox Blogger

Friday, December 16, 2011 2:03 PM

Thank You Marc I appreciate it, thing is again talking to the Devil to cut a deal without my permission is again disrespective. I consciously, intelligently chose not to deal, they sent a, what they call settlement communication a couple weeks before the trial, asking me to blame somebody they dont like, wanting 20 of my sites, and wanted me to pay 5000 for ever time i discuss them, even after i was granted a summary judgment to talk about them, and this is apparently not extortion... so i chose no deal... they did not prove that post not true, they tricked me, they lied, and i will not deal with them unless its a very good deal, they have put me through hell and now are persecuting me and setting me up for a crime..

one of my clients called this morning and said they got a call with somebody asking, so this means they have my bank account and are investigating me, yet for some reason not investigating the criminals.. so a deal would have to be very good.. and I would want in on it..

anyway thanks again for the apology.. peace and love to you"

Fast Forward to Monday January 16th, 2012, 2:30 PM. I thought I had left things on decent terms. A month had passed and having been evicted and a $2.5 Million Dollar Judgment, I was looking for work, so I email this to Marc Randazza.

"Hi Marc, hope this email finds you doing well. When I thought we may work together
i bought - to control the search, and pr on my case,
if you represented me.. I manage it now, as ownership is well.. a different story now
due to my current judgement..

I am confident with the case, and leaving it to the highest and best good..

I do however need to make money, so I am asking you if you or anyone you know could
use a very good search engine reputation manager. Not sure if you ever researched that
for your online presence.. not sure of what you think of David Aman excusing me of extortion,
thing is search management is something tons of people due and for thousands a month per search term..

and so when he sent a cease and desist and filed a lawsuit, i offered it as a way to settle and not
spend a year fighting, he turned it down, then a year later accused me of a crime.. its simply not
how it happened..

Anyway if you know anyone needing a very good search engine reputation manager please let me know.."

That is the email that he claims I extorted him.  A domain name I bought Dec. 6th 2011, that I had every legal right to own. A legitimate service that thousands offer. And I had not written about Marc Randazza in any way what so ever at that time.

And though many love to speculate, what I meant by ownership is a different story, is that the Plaintiff was in the process of paperwork to take Domain Names that I owned or had owned, and that was one of them, so ya ownership is a different story as I thought the Plaintiff would take the Domain Name, and they still seem to be in the process of trying to do so. As they Deem the Domain Names and Asset, though at this point in time they certainly seem to be a Liability to an owner.

I never extorted anyone nor was there a Criminal Complaint Filed regarding extortion.  What Follows is Extortion and threats from Marc Randazza if I don't turn over the name, and well he followed through with his threat, and now has other Lawyers, Bloggers, the New York Times, Forbes and more posting information that deliberately puts me in False Light and flat out lies. Marc Randazza is flat out lying about me and committing a Hate Crime in inciting a riot against me based on fraudulent information and Flat Out Lies.

Marc Randazza's Response to the Above Email

"TO: Crystal L. Cox
January 16, 2012 2:36 PM


You have no right to register a domain name that corresponds to my real name. Please hand that domain name over to me, and please do not presume to think it is okay to register other people's names as domain names.


Marc John Randazza*
Randazza Legal Group"

WOW, 6 minutes Later Marc John Randazza Responds.

So was that as an attorney, saying I have no legal right to register a domain name that corresponds to his real name or was that just his opinion? Wait now, before you answer, remember the Glen Beck Email and the WIPO case that Marc Randazza won over that, and remember the Crystal Cox, Proskauer Rose Lawyers and how I won the right to have those Domain Names, and I was Pro Se in that Case.

So then he goes to Please hand that domain name over to me, and please do not presume to think it is okay to register other people's names as domain names. REALLY, wow.. is that all you got... after defending others to own VERY sick names accusing someone of rape and murder right in the domain name. Ahhh Marc, ya big baby, it was just a Parody, a Satire...

Ok SO My Response Was

"Monday, January 16, 2012 3:23 PM

"Really? Well Marc, Look at my WIPO case with Proskauer Rose, WIPO sure seems to think its Ok. I thought it was perfectly legal to do so. I have registered others name in fair competition and real estate for years. I registered others names to promote them, some to expose them, and others as investments in the future. Many smart internet marketers register others names, it is not illegal Marc. Sorry I upset you, never mind. I was simply looking for people to promote as I need a job. Guess you don't need such a service, all you had to do was say no thank you. I am sure that you get tons of spam emails daily asking you to hire them, we all do. You could have just ignored it."

Marc Randazza sure did get into a huff over it.. Talk about Double Standards. He knows as an Attorney in this field of expertise that he was lying about my right to own that Domain Name. 

I went on to say ...

"It is certainly not against the law to register the domain name of others. I was Pro Se with my Proskauer Rose case and I won, having many of their attorney names as a dotcom. Real free to file with WIPO, and be sure and name me in that case as well as the current registered name, as I proudly and smartly registered the domain name. We are happy to go to WIPO over it.

there are others but here is the chairman of Proskauer Rose, WIPO Case "

Next Marc Randazza Says,

"From: Marc J. Randazza 
To: Crystal L. Cox 
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2012 5:59 PM
Subject: Re: from Crystal L. Cox

I'm not interested in WIPO. You want to make an enemy of me, really?

Marc John Randazza"

Crystal Cox's Response 

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Crystal L. Cox 
To: Marc J. Randazza 
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2012 6:48 PM
Subject: Re: from Crystal L. Cox

How in the world did I make an enemy, I got it to protect the story, and the search term
as I thought you were going to represent me, and wanted to control the negativity I knew
I would get about it. That's what I do, I never did anything negative against you. And you
do care of WIPO, i read one of your bio things braggin about a WIPO case you won for someone.

No offense.. if asking you for a job, or to recommend a job made you an enemy, nothing I can do about that, certainly was NOT my intention in any way."

Marc Randazza Says,

"From: "" 
To: Crystal L. Cox 
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 6:52 AM
Subject: RE: from Crystal L. Cox


Perhaps you just don't understand how deeply offensive it is to me that you would register that without even telling me, let alone asking me. You had no right to do that.

Do you think that just by being my potential client, or even my actual client that it somehow created a right for you to register my name to "protect the story?" Don't you think that I have a) the ability to do that myself, and b) the right to decide whether or not you would use my name for your own exclusive use -- to talk about YOUR story? Even if you thought that this was okay, which seems strange to me, why on earth would you think that you continue to have any justification for having that domain?

Asking me for a job, or a recommendation? That doesn't bother me in the least. In fact, if you had displayed any ethics, I'd be game to do so.

But, why on earth would you think that it is reasonable to tell someone that a) you registered THEIR name for YOUR own purposes, and THEN b) ask for a job? It is (a) that makes an enemy of me. (b) is completely reasonable.

I'm sure you paid a few bucks for the domain. I'd be pleased to reimburse you what it cost you. But, I do not find it to be acceptable that someone else has registered my name for any purpose. I certainly do not agree with your justification for doing it in the first place. Nevertheless, any justification you MIGHT have had dissolved when it became certain that I was not going to represent you, I have no connection to this case at all, and thus I can't possibly see any reason for you to have any control over that domain whatsoever -- unless the purpose is to simply make an enemy of me. "

Ok so Marc Randazza has no problem of me asking for a job, yet now in the Media is calling it Extortion, as part of the Attorney Lynch Mob.  Then Marc goes on to say well if you did have "any justification" then it dissolved " when it became certain that I was not going to represent you".  Did you mean when I made it clear to YOU that you WOULD not Represent Me, because you Treated Me Badly and Disrespected Me? Oh I see, well if that's your legal case in this dispute, I bought the Name on December 6th, 2011 and I certainly was not "certain" at that time. So where is the Extortion you Lying Asshole?

Crystal Cox Responded to the Above Email with This

"Thanks for your input, confirms my choice regarding you. Fine if you want me as an enemy, so be it.

As far as my ethics, you have no clue who I am, I know my Truth. And I Trust you know yours.

There is nothing wrong with registering names, to further my cause, or protect my story in search. Or registering domain names to write news, events, and whistle blower tips on that person. It is a way to get stories in the top of the search, it is wise to have one's own name, you call me an enemy here so it is.

I will take no future job from you, I want no money from you. i will use the name to post current and archived internet stories about you, as I please, not defamation, simply word for word as I find them on
the sites of others. I have the right to repost articles of others and have received emails from many asking why I did not choose you to represent me, I had not responded. If you want your domain name, you will have to file a WIPO complaint, and or sue me for registering it and sue the guy I sold it to. 

And maybe take a look at his story to and the surrounding corruption that is ignored. This is bigger then free speech Marc, it is about the culture of corruption in america and the lawyers, judges, cops, corporations that are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

You did not treat me well, for you believed what others said and did not even know that the story i was writing on was and is very true, that guy really did those things and I was just getting the story to the top of the search engines.

You asked for all my documents, said you would get back to me, and then told others you represented me. To me you are a bully, not ethical, as you said in your call you were not sure of me because of what was being said, thing is I am good at search management for good guys because of years of exposing, investigating, deep search on the "bad guys".

I turn up amazing discovering, and find out who is connected from monitoring my posts and the search engine placement has ex employees, ex wives and husbands, and tons of people sending me tips on that person, because i am so good at getting on top of search.

I gave voice to victims and the search placement happened by accident. After 5 years of it, i decided to offer it as a service, i have not got any jobs from it thus far, have not really tried heavily as I was employed as an investigative blogger by a big company out of new york to investigate connections
of people, which i am very good at deep online research and turning up tips.

And yes I have a "right" to register what I want, if you want that to NOT be a right you should have first bought the name years ago and secondly lobby the laws, so that the register cannot sell people's names to those who are not named that person. The registrar lets people register what they want, and perhaps those laws should change. However for me it is a tool to get in search and to uncover stories, post stories and make connections between things that person is or has ever been involved in.

As far as the domain name, It is not for sale at any price, for any reason. I currently don't own it and simply manage the name. You say in your email that your capable to registering the name?? why didn't you then? Be offended if you like, you offended me at our first call. Your an arrogant pompous
ass, and so thanks for letting me know that you are an enemy. So be it. I have faith that is meant to be, so let the WAR begin.. your Move..

I have every justification for owning that name, for one obviously i am smarter then you.

Slam me, say no ethics, and the rest of what you have said about me, well your FLAT WRONG about me, so be it, nothing I can do. You want an enemy of me, then fine, you have made that call. Let the skeletons in your closet start to rattle, hope your squeaky clean.

I have registered every name of the companies i have worked for in order to protect them in search, its just common sense Marc Randazza.

And you have NO connection to me in this case? Really, well rumor has it that you told people you represented me, and then later said other things about me, so I am not sure that is the whole truth and nothing but, at any rate I will not email you again... you have drawn your line in the sand.. do as you will I trust its meant to be.. "

Flash Forward to March 7th 2012, this was the Day that Tonkon Torp Attorney David Aman, for the Plaintiff in attempting to execute on a $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement Signed a Subpoena to Marc Randazza.  On March 8th as my own Attorney, in my Pro Se Capacity I get an Email with a Copy of the Marc Randazza Deposition Subpoena.

After this, the Use of took a Turn. 

Ok so on March 10th I am pissed off and want to Expose Marc Randazza before his deposition, so I buy - ... and I publicize these names best I can, he knows they went up, I saw him on my Statcounter.  Ok so then on March 12th I buy more names to keep building blogs on, such as and Marc John Randazza .com ..

So I Got notably into the Search Engines and

Marc Randazza Emails, Crystal Cox This

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "" <>
To: Crystal Cox <>
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2012 12:37 PM
Subject: Ok

Ok, you made your point.  So what do you want?  "

I Did NOT Respond. 

Ok at this point I am really PISSED, as Marc Randazza was planning on giving a Deposition and I assumed emailed me this to set me up for Extortion, so On the 13th of March I researched Deeper into the Marc Randazza - Sandra Fluke - Rush Limbaugh Scandal.

I pushed these as blogs and Marc Randazza certainly knew.. then on the 13th, after I was researching the Sandra Fluke Slut Comments and Marc Randazza in the Search Engines I found this post 

Where Do Babies Come From ? Why a Drunken Tryst in Cabo San Lucas Of Course. 
If it Gone Let Me Know, I have a PDF I can email you.

Anyway so then I thought to myself, what a Hypocrite, defending Rush Limbaugh and talking like this about his own knocked up wife. And there was her name so I took a look and there it was Domain Name Available, so I bought it and I bought the other one he is so upset about which I have never mentioned or publicized in ANY way, nor will I. It was bought to prove that Marc Randazza is not who he claims to be, OH in my OPINION.

As most of you know by now, I have bought the dot com of countless names of individuals over the years for various reasons. So why subpoena ONLY ONE of them in an asset probe? See what really happened is Marc Randazza was pissed, he wanted an easy way to steal the domain name instead of going through legal channels and filing a WIPO Complaint to go through a process of, if he really had a right to the Domain Name or Not.

So Marc Randazza seemed to have cut a deal with the Plaintiff, the very one he was going to represent me against. And so Marc Randazza was flying to Portland to give a Deposition regarding my assets. I was still pro see in the execution of a $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement and all of the sudden the center of the entire case was now surrounding one $10 Domain Name that I purchased AFTER the $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement was Entered.

So I emailed this to Marc Randazza, as I am Pro Se, he emailed right back and said I do not open attachments from this email. So I sent it again in the body of the email. As my own attorney I have a right to ask these question..

I will be adding to, as the extortion set up and events surrounding it and, Kenneth P. White, Kasmir Hill Conflicts of Interest, all this and more I WILL ASK in Marc Randazza's Deposition. As of this time, it seems he has not followed through with the Deposition. I will let you know if he does. If Not, then I will ask those questions, after I file my Lawsuit against them. This will be awhile as I am working on Criminal Complaints against Judge Marco Hernandez and Tonkon Torp, as well as Complaints to the Attorney General, and the Oregon Judicial Qualification Committee. As well as a Federal Hate Crime Filing.

Marc Randazza Deposition Subpoena
If you can't read it and want to, Email me for a PDF - 

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