Friday, May 20, 2016

Marc Randazza, Hypocritical Attorney representing another DISGUSTING, Unethical Attorney just like him. Marc Randazza seems to say when you are offended, called names, and well abused then you should be an ADULT and Shrug it OFF.

Why is this ASSHOLE still an attorney? Can't Judges, Attorney General's, Detectives, the DOJ, or any authority READ. Marc Randazza has CLEARLY violated the rights of client after client. He defends pedophiles, and should be indicted as far as I see it. Yet he is still YAPPING as if what he says has ANY credibility.

" Feldman regrets “demonstrating a lack of impulse control” in sending the email."


Oh ya Marc Randazza clients can email whatever they want. But if Crystal Cox emails an attorney, acting as her own attorney, in a PRIVATE CONFIDENTIAL settlement agreement, then that is EXTORTION and Marc Randazza shouts from every rooftop and in every big media that will listen that she is an Extortionist. And he published my private email in mass, knowing it was being painted in false light as he had acted as my attorney. That private email was made to be EVIL and Randazza can ruin lives, flat out lie about whoever he wants, threaten people and say whatever LIE he wants and that is ok, legal and ethical??

But oh yeah my client is abusive, and an asshole like me but he is sorry, so sorry.

FUCK You Marc Randazza. IT IS NOT ok for you to RUIN LIVES with your LIES. Why do you still have a license to represent clients?? WOW.

"Attorney admits emails to female city councilmembers were 'abusive,' apologizes"

"“He has come to realize that his reactions, and the communications he sent, were over the top, and that his tendency to this kind of behavior is a long-standing problem,” said Marc J. Randazza, a First Amendment attorney who represents Jason M. Feldman, in a statement. “He unequivocally apologizes to the recipients of his abusive comments.”

Source of this Marc Randazza, Hyprocrite ASSHOLE Attorney quote

"“As women, I understand that you spend a lot of your time trying to please others (mostly on your knees) but I can only hope that you each find ways to quickly and painfully end yourselves,” the email said. “Each of you should rot in hell for what you took from me yesterday.”

Randazza – who last week suggested the councilmembers should do “what an adult would do” and shrug it off – said Feldman is seeking help from mental health professionals.

“This event has forced him to confront his impulse control issues,” the statement said. “After consulting with professionals, friends, and family, he recognizes that he has a problem and that that problem has hurt other people – not just in this circumstance, but in multiple occasions in the past.”


Fucktard Hypocritical Mean, Evil Marc Randazza says do what an adult should do and shrug it off???   WOW WTF?   Marc Randazza ruined massive lives, sued so many people, threatened us, ruined our lives or relationships or reputations, harassed us, attacked us, demeaned us, exposed our private lives, gave out our home address and more private information, stole massive intellectual property, incited massive hate against us, and all we did was call his wife a slut and make fun of him, and buy a few domain names. WHY DIDN'T Marc Randazza JUST ACT LIKE AN ADULT AND SHRUG IT OFF?

Marc Randazza is the MOST Hypocritical, Unethical, Unconstitutional Attorney in the WORLD.