Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza have NO CASE against Crystal Cox or Eliot Bernstein. And they NEVER had a case. Yet they managed to STEAL massive online content and search engine placement and to redirect that intellectual property to hate sites and defamatory sites about the defendants they sued. This is NOT OK, NOT Ethical and Not Legal. But WOW now there is precedent so you too can STEAL Domain Names, SEO, Search Engine Placement, Intellectual Property and Online Speech you don't Like.

Read the DENIAL of the Summary Judgement which CLEARLY Shows that Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza have NO Case against Blogger Crystal L. Cox or iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein


I put a few links to the same document, because Marc Randazza's CRONIES change links to CHILL SPEECH and alter reality.

Full Docket Marc Randazza, Jennifer Randazza, Babydazza Vs. Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein

Study Every Document and Filing and LEARN How Unethical Attorneys WORK the SYSTEM, Chill Online Speech, Shut down blogs they don't like, Steal Search Engine Placement, bully and harass litigants

Use the Docket Above to SHUT DOWN ANY Online Speech You don't Like. Just Like the District of Nevada let Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza, along with Attorney Ronald Green and their Law Firm Randazza Legal Group and WITH No Liability or Accountability what so ever.

oh and if the people you STEAL from or shut down their speech put up to much of a fight and want to sue you for Liable, for Defamation, for Misrepresentation NO Problem, File for Bankruptcy, to Learn how study the Marc Randazza Bankruptcy Docket and related information.

oh and don't forget if you don't like an online parody about you or a whistleblower or insider exposing you or making fun of you, then you can simply use the Nevada State Courts, check out Randazza vs. Monica Foster, Alexandra Mayers in Clark County Nevada.