Thursday, April 23, 2015

Look at this FOLKS. Marc Randazza CONTROLS Rip Off Report. Ken White takes over my post, defames me, I post the TRUTH and whiny Randazza gets Rip Off Report to Redact his name.

Rip Off Report charges people for arbitration. Rip Off Report is perhaps the REAL EXTORTIONIST,  yet protects Marc Randazza. -9th-Circuit-Court-of-Appeals-Cox-apparently-has-a-history-of-1112488

So funny, the JACKASS at Rip Off Report removes the name Randazza Legal Group and Marc Randazza to protect PORN attorney Marc Randazza. YET flat out lies about me, the one who posted the site. I DID NOT LOSE the Ninth Circuit Case, I WON.

RIP Off Report is controlled by Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group and Kenneth White of Brown White and Newhouse.