Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Docket riddled with whiny motions to strike, dismiss, and shut down blogger Crystal Cox. A Trademark court case filed by a ROGUE lawless attorney using YOUR TAX dollars, your courts for personal vengeance and personal gain.

Marc Randazza abuses the courts to target victims. He flat out lies over and over on court dockets. He sues YOU, ruins your life, and you have no way to fight back as he is a lawyer and he will bankrupt  you. He does this over and over.

Randazza uses protective orders, unconstitutional preliminary injunctions, NPR, Forbes, CNN, a gang of thug lawless attorney, threats, intimidation, and he uses the lawsuit he files against you to TARGET your church, get information from your bank accounts, harass and threaten your ex's - clients - and others, publicize your home address, get others to threaten to come to your town, hire private investigators to follow you, hire thugs to stalk you, threaten you, and keep you constantly tormented. All the while he convinces JUDGES that he is the good guy and his ''target'' is the bad guy and his big and small media, as well as WIPO and gang stalking attorneys use international publications, defamatory court documents made to seem LEGIT by lying gang stalking attorneys, and his constant legal actions and threats to keep you at his beck and call for years.

Marc Randazza is a LIAR, a THUG, and a Thief. He stole my blogs, my search engine ranking, my reputation, and he, as my former attorney painted me in false light to the world as a criminal WITH NO ADJUDICATED FACT what so ever.

Read this Entire Docket and LEARN what these attorneys do to violate the rights of due process, constitutional rights and civil rights of their target.