Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marc Randazza Exploiting Children. Marc Randazza Extortion? "Copyright Troll Lawyers – Meet Porn Valley and Hollywood Extortionists – America’s Justice System Enables Them to Stalk, Bully and Blackmail YOU! They Also Enable Sex Trafficking of YOUR Daughters!!"

"EDITORIAL:  Our American judicial system has given these criminal attorneys full access to the World’s Internet information so that they can threaten, harass, stalk, bully and EXTORT money from any average person who has visited their sleazy clients sites and downloaded a video THE CLIENTS THEMSELVES MOST LIKELY UPLOADED. I reported on this a long time ago. Porn Valley owns ALL the piracy sites so they sue themselves to get permission to use the information they’ve illegally data mined. They have set the World up big time with this international scam!!
We have all witnessed the truth about these porn tube sites that are accused of piracy and exactly where they are getting YOUR personal information from. They own these sites and they already have your information. They’ve been illegally data mining for years now. What they needed was the ability to use it to run one of their usual scams on the unsuspecting public without criminal reprisals. AMERICA’S COURT SYSTEM did just that when they told them they could go after you for using their piracy of their own content.
Is one of these trolls your attorney?? Does he live in your neighborhood?? Is he someone you know or that has access to your children??
If so, please be advised that most of these snake oil attorneys are nothing more than criminals helping criminals extort hardworking American’s money after luring innocent people to their sites and offering free content. These COURT SANCTIONED TROLLS are working for some of the WORST sex traffickers, pedophiles and sexual predators IN THE WORLD!! They are working for ORGANIZED CRIME, you know, the MOB!!
BEWARE of letting your children anywhere near the following people. You have no idea who they really are and who else they may  expose your children to. Your children could end up kidnapped and working as sex slaves in Porn Valley or Hollywood. We believe they may be kidnapping them young and keeping them hidden in locked places until they get old enough to pass for 18. Then they give them plastic surgery to alter their looks, obtain a fake ID and documentation (costs $250 in Porn Valley) and you have ready made pornstars who were groomed from childhood and have no idea what reality is or what their prior lives were.  It’s happening everyday in Porn Valley, Hollywood and The New World Order and obviously, our justice system isn’t going to stop them because THEY ARE A PART OF THEM!!
God help us all!! (and pray for me and mine for even posting this)
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