Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sue Sue Sue. Chill Speech Chill Speech. First Amendment Attorney, Law Firm Randazza Legal Group LOVES to SUE people to SILENCE them. And all in the Name of Free Speech. Meanwhile he hides behind a bankruptcy court in Cox v. Randazza, with NO end in sight.

Porn Blogger Mike South aka Michael Strother THREATENS to Sue Monica Foster. oH and for FREE with us of Unconstitutional, Unethical attorney Marc Randazza of Rabid Randazza Legal Group.

There are so many people that Marc Randazza has offered to represent for FREE to Silence Free Speech that exposes him. oh and to RETALIATE. Meanwhile he does not even have the stamina to stay in legal cases with us, he has to HIDE in bankruptcy court while doing FREE legal work out of unethical SPITE.

So, this Guy,  Mike South aka Michael Strother, calls himself a PIMP and then threatens to Sue others who call him a Pimp too? WTF

"How in the hell would Randazza Legal Group attorneys (who've already filed one fraudulent lawsuit against me in regards to Jennifer Randazza's attachment to organized crime) and Michael Strother explain the above to a Judge? In addition how will Randazza Legal Group explain to a Judge that they are offering their legal services pro-bono to self labeled PIMPS (who are not owners and/or operators of legal brothels in Nevada) - all in effort to silence individuals who have opted to share the truth about sex trafficking and the adult entertainment industry?

According to wikipedia and many other sources - a pimp is a sex trafficker. 

Definition of “PIMP” according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary: a criminal who is associated with, usually exerts control over, and lives off the earnings of one or more prostitutes

I will not be apologizing to Mike South aka Michael Strother. In addition, he will not be suing me for "libel", as his entire proposed lawsuit has no legitimacy or merit.

I encourage you all to read and sign this petition I wrote, just a day prior to Mike South aka Michael Strother's lawsuit threat:"

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Mike South aka Michael Strother has threatened to sue me for my stating what he's labeled himself as - a PIMP
On August 13, 2016 veteran porn blogger Mike South aka Michael Strother stated that he would take Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group's offer to sue me (apparently Randazza offered his legal services to Strother pro-bono). Strother indicated that he would sue me for "libel" because I claimed that he is a pimp and involved in sex trafficking.

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I wonder what Marc Randazza's Creditors think of all his Pro Bono legal cases he offers and takes, and all in the name of REVENGE and nothing to do with Justice or making money to pay off his CREDITORS. 

Marc Randazza Bankruptcy

Randazza vs. Crystal Cox Free Speech Suppression Case Docket