Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Creditor 13 STRONGLY Disapproves with Marc Randazza co-conspirator Tracy Coenen being DEBTOR Marc Randazza's OFFICIAL Bankruptcy Council. Gee what could go wrong in a bankruptcy for over 20 Million Dollars, as long as you have a Randazza Legal Groupie cookin' the books for ya?

I, Crystal Cox, have told the court, best I can about Tracy Coenen, and done so for years. Oh well she continues to aid and abet Marc Randazza and all that he stands for and with such as Pedophiles, the Porn Industry, Human Trafficking, Stalking, Litigant Abuse, Filing Fraudulent Court Documents, defaming whistleblowers, endangering lives, threatening to throw (things) into people's homes, harassing churches, invading private phone and bank records, violating clients rights, lying about porn insiders to violate their speech, hiring investigators to stalk people he is suing or wants to silence, abuse of woman and much MUCH more.

How dark and evil, truly can Tracy Coenen of Sequence Inc. be to continue standing by her man Marc Randazza? She is a Liar at best, and I allege a Criminal acting in conspiracy with Marc Randazza to affect court cases and precedence, to get settlements to Randazza quicker and cleaner, to defame those exposing Randazza, and to protect human trafficking, and other fraudulent activity of Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group.

Their latest platform, or safe place to act unlawful, unethical and unconstitutional is the United States Bankruptcy Courts. Oh well, not much I can do, but it sure will NOT go undocumented, the TRUTH that is.

"I, Crystal L. Cox, Creditor 13, Strongly DISAPPROVE of Tracy Coenen as Accountant for Debtor Marc Randazza.

I may not articulate my position in the best possible way, nor use the proper laws or statutes however, I am telling the Truth and Tracy Coenen has defamed me and other Creditors in her authoritative fraud investigation blogs / publications. And Tracy Coenen has, I allege, acted  criminally in conspiracy to aid and abet Marc Randazza’s actions that are in direct and blatant detriment to Creditors.

Tracy Coenen has called me, Creditor 13, a Felony Criminal guilty of extortion, and other litigants such as Eliot Bernstein. She is not ethically, morally or lawfully able to be Marc Randazza's accountant in this matter, as she has massive conflicts of interest. I have stated this for the record and there is nothing else I can do.

I strongly Object to Tracy Coenen being Marc Randazza's account, Period and nothing will change that.

All I can do, as a law abiding citizen, is to tell the whole Truth and nothing but. What this court and the legal system does about it is up to them. Marc Randazza has acted unethically, immoral and unconstitutional at best and I allege he has acted criminal in many instance against many parties, including Creditors and other related Litigants.

The court has been informed, this will harm Creditors. And that is all I can do.

I strongly Disapprove of the Court’s ruling to allow Tracy Coenen as Debtor, Marc Randazza’s account." 

Here is the Order I filed Objecting to Tracy Coenen as Marc Randazza's OFFICIAL Bankruptcy Accountant. ( the conflicts of interest and aiding and abetting of the Randazza Legal Groupies never seems to end, and the courts, well they keep turning a blind eye)

I object to Tracy L. Coenen of Sequence, Inc. acting as Marc Randazza’s accountant.

Tracy L. Coenen is a former client of Marc Randazza. She has conflicts of interest and will not be able to provide competent, non-conflicted accounting skills in this bankruptcy case. Her conflicts of interest and multiple connections with the Debtor will hurt ALL creditors.

Tracy L. Coenen has been named in many federal court cases as a co-conspirator with Marc Randazza, including the case Randazza v. Cox in the District of Nevada. She was a named defendant and alleged to be a co-conspirator acting in civil conspiracy with Marc Randazza to defame, harass and bully Counter-Plaintiff Crystal Cox.

I allege that Tracy L. Coenen has acted unethically in civil and criminal conspiracy with Marc Randazza, the Debtor and others to assist publishing false information with malicious deliberate intent to get litigants in cases to settle, or do what Marc Randazza was pushing them to do. She knowingly posted on her blog multiple times that I, Crystal Cox, Inventor Eliot Bernstein and others were guilty of the Felony crime of Extortion.

She professes to be a financial expert and a fraud investigator and yet with no investigation, no charges of any crime, she willfully and deliberately defamed these people (creditors) as her friend and former attorney Marc Randazza asked of her. She worked in criminal and civil conspiracy to paint a false image online of many people and companies that Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group were in opposition with or trying to silence.

Tracy L. Coenen, as Marc Randazza’s accountant, will deliberately hide money, cover up, change facts and intentionally harm creditors, just as she has to many litigants, some who are now creditors, over years and years to protect, aid and abet Marc Randazza and to harm, defame, bully, pressure and take advantage of his clients.

Tracy L. Coenen has lied in her blogs about Creditors. She has lied about several of the Creditors in this case, on her forensics fraud investigations blog. She has done this to make us look bad, look like criminals and to push us to settle or do as Marc Randazza wishes. She has done this knowing full well that she was defaming us and lying about us. She will do the same kinds of actions as Marc Randazza, Debtors accountant. She has a proven record and will surely do the same thing.

Tracy L. Coenen has acted in civil and criminal conspiracy with Marc Randazza

Tracy L. Coenen published false and defamatory information to third parties and did so with full knowledge they were false.

Tracy L. Coenen “goes after” whoever Marc Randazza wants her to, this includes me, Creditor #13, and many other Creditors.

She uses her blogs and credential to effectively paint a picture that we are criminals, to ruin our lives, our business and our reputation and all to make Marc Randazza look good, paint him as a good guy and punish those he does not like for whatever reason.

Tracy L. Coenen will without a doubt harm Creditors in this case in favor of Marc Randazza, just as she has for years.

I move this court to deny debtor Marc Randazza from using Tracy L. Coenen as his accountant. "

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Judicial Order Granting Tracy Coenan Accountant

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