Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Who is Jamie Profit? Why does the State of Nevada allow Randazza Legal Group Lawyers to do whatever they wish no matter who they harm?

I have reported Ron Green and the rest of the Gang at Randazza Legal Group many times, yet the Nevada Bar and the Nevada Courts still are protecting them, why?

Though the authorities, judges and other attorneys know, Ronald D. Green has been able to cause serious harm and massive stress to the lives of countless people, mostly those in or having been in Porn.  Ron Green, along with J. Malcom DeVoy, Sean Tompkins and Marc Randazza have been protected by courts and Judges in many state and why?

 They harass people to the point of breaking, settling in cases and sometimes suicide. And all this to ensure that their clients needs are met, they make money, or to fulfill some sick fetish.

Below is a Statement from Monica Foster aKa Alexandra Mayers in her Nevada Case where Marc Randazza's wife Jennifer Brochey Randazza sued her. (Ya know the one where Marc Randazza, in his bankruptcy documents stated as a potential asset for HIM.)

Also remember in the Randazza v. Cox and Bernstein where Jennifer Randazza and Marc Randazza sued me, Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein to shut us up, I asked the Nevada Courts for a protective order for me and for those threatened by Ronald Green, Sean Tompkins, J. Malcom DeVoy, Ken White and Marc Randazza such as Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers and Desi Foxx aKa Diana Grandmason. I gave the Nevada Courts proof and they rejected my request, took no action and protected these rogue and unethical attorneys.

Protective Order Request I filed in Randazza v. Cox

1 of 13 Exhibits of Proof I gave the Nevada Courts and they Ignored, Docket Entry 47

Docket Entry 67 named NOTICE Emergency Notice to Court of Violent Actions of Counter Defendant, again I let the courts know people were in danger of these same men.
Below is one such threat from Sean Tompkins, in connection to Ronald Green

The Courts did Nothing. Now we have this filed with the Nevada Courts on November 18th, 2015. When will the courts take these thugs serious.


I, Defendant Alexandra Melody Mayers officially state to the court that plaintiff Jennifer
Brochey Randazza’s attorney Ronald D. Green (Nevada bar # 7360) has habitually
stalked, harassed, bullied, intimidated, defamed, “trolled”, antagonized & libeled me on
social media since the year of 2012 (2 years PRIOR to this frivolous and fraudulent
lawsuit being filed).

In the following memorandum of points and authorities is evidence of attorney Ronald D.
Green’s aggressive and unethical actions towards me - which all point to plaintiff
Jennifer Brochey Randazza’s lawsuit being no more than an abuse of the Nevada State
court system to harass, extort and sextraffick me back into the pornographic industry
system via “legal” means and “legal” debt bondage (via a monetary judgement).


1. The photograph on of attorney Ronald D. Green (Nevada state bar
number 7360) and the photograph on the social media account
@JamieProfit are the exact same person (exhibit A).

2. Beginning in the year 2012 (exhibit B) Ronald D. Green aka “JamieProfit” began
posting UNSOLICITED rude, threatening, harassing, vulgar & defamatory tweets
DIRECTLY to my twitter account “MonicaFoster”.  Though I blocked him, he
has continued up into the year 2015.

3. Beginning in the year 2012 (exhibit C) Ronald D. Green has routinely
communicated directly with the social media (online) and offline stalkers &
bullies who have routinely threatened me (individuals which I have named in my
various case A-14-699072-C dept 32 replies, motions, oppositions and statements
– Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, Sean Matthew Tompkins aka
TRPWL, Tristan Stadtmuller & Marc Randazza).

4. Ronald D. Green aka “JamieProfit” appears to working to establish himself as an
organized crime attached pornographic industry journalist. He has written several
comments on Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL’s revenge porn and
defamatory website (which serves the purpose of
stalking and bullying various targets – including myself). Sean Matthew
Tompkins is the individual who purchased my father’s full name Ivan Mayers
(exhibit D) as a domain name to point directly to a gay porn section of Ronald D. Green has conducted a pornographic
industry interview with the well known pornographer who has gone on record as
being insensitive in regards to racism against Blacks / African-Americans (such as
myself) in the pornographic industry known as “Mike Quasar”.

As of current, Ronald D. Green aka Jamie Profit follows hundreds of pornographic industry
professionals via his twitter account @JamieProfit.

DATED this 18th day of November, 2015.
Pursuant to NRS 53.045, I declare under penalty of
perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Alexandra Mayers
/s/ Alexandra Mayers
Defendant, In Proper Person"


Exhibit Below

Ronald D. Green aka JamieProfit on Twitter 

Marc Randazza Bankruptcy Docket

Randazza v. Cox and Bernstein Docket