Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Did Marc Randazza really list Alexandra Mayers as some sort of possible future income?

I am not sure why Marc Randazza listed as a possible asset or future "In Money" claims against Monica Foster aKa Alexandra Mayers. The way I remember it Jennifer Randazza MALICIOUSLY sued her in an unconstitutional Trademark lawsuit in Clark County, Randazza Legal Group represents her and Mr. Randazza was not a party was he? Hmm I must have that wrong as there it is in the sworn to be true bankruptcy document that possible money coming to this hypocrtical, I allege corrupt jackass attorney, is from a lawsuit where his wife whom is in a divorce with him is the suing party, the MALICIOUS Plaintiff.

Page 11 at Link Below
Randazza v. Mayers

Mayers, Alexandra Melody  Also Known As  Foster, Monica

Randazza, Jennifer


So now how in the world is Marc Randazza claiming this case to have "Possible Interest"?

Well for one, I allege the bankruptcy is a sham, and was done with malicious intent to defraud creditors and that Jennifer Randazza is going to be hiding assets and interest for MR Randazza, oh and the attorney is Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group. Who I also allege is aiding and abetting Marc Randazza to commit bankruptcy fraud.

The case was / is a  malicious willful LIE to retaliate against Alexandra Mayers for reporting the TRUTH about Marc Randazza and his associates. 

The case is unethical, is unconstitutional and violated the rights of Alexandra Mayers. And if the case is WON by some unconstitutional LAWLESS Judicial Ruling, well then how the hell does Marc Randazza have interest?

Oh yeah he lied and committed fraud on the court, he made his wife sue Alexandra Mayers just as he made his wife and infant child sue me. All to shut us up for exposing what is now coming out as clearly FACT and undeniable TRUTH.

So does Marc Randazza have INTEREST in the Above Case?
You Bet he Does? But is that Legal?

MUCH MUCH More on this at a later time.