Sunday, July 12, 2015

Does Marc Randazza sue Corbin Fisher TALENT if they won't have sex with him? Hmmm..

It is so funny, well rather Evil actually, that Marc Randazza sued me Crystal Cox and sued Alexandra Mayers, and accused us all, including Diana Grandmason and Eliot Bernste in of Extortion when it seems that it is well known in the Gay Porn industry that Randazza is consistantly involved in shakedown lawsuits over copyright and trademark BOGUS claims AND that Marc Randazza allegedly CONSTANTLY is accused of extorting Gay Men at Corbin Fisher, if they won't have sex with him. This tip was given to me years ago and again recently. Yet RANDAZZA paints us out as extortionists, and as down right evil for having a domain name of his child. WOW

And Remember This Article