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Hey Remember the Article Called "Oregon: No Country for Old SLaPPers"? This was on the Legal Satyricon "Legal Commentary" Blog in November of 2011? Well How about a Hypocritical Twist for Ya? a Butthurt Satire? or a Parody of Magic and Illusion in the Mysterious Land of Jumbled Make Believe "Legal Commentary" KNOWN as the "District of Nevada"?

Let's take a Look at this Legal Satyricon Article, and poke a bit of Legal Fun at the Hypocrites who RUN the Legal Satyricon.

a  Few Notes regarding the once Infamous, Now Hypocritical Blog Post, aKa "Legal Commentary",  "Oregon: No Country for Old SLaPPers" Article posted on the Legal Satyricon in November of 2011, that post is, now of course, GONE, Magically VANISHED because the Legal Satyricon blog owners have SLAPPed that same pesky blogger Crystal Cox themselves now. And violated her First Amendment Rights, they once Stood for.

the Article Called "Oregon: No Country for Old SLaPPers"November of 2011."the Legal Satyricon" calls Obsidian Finance Group LLC V. Blogger Crystal Cox "a little story of SLAPP suits gone wrong in the Pacific Northwest".

Here are a few quotes and tidbits from that article, authored by the Hypocrite "Legal Commentary" Bloggers at "the Legal Satyricon" that have since BEEN Removed, Redirected, Linked to Defamatory and Hateful Comments regarding Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox. (aKa Ms. Cox)

"the Legal Satyricon" Says:

"Crystal Cox is a woman on a mission. She obviously does not like Oregon attorney Kevin Padrick or his company Obsidian Finance Group and she has harnessed the power of the internet to make her feelings about him public. Blogging at a website with the creative url Ms. Cox aired a number of grievances about Padrick and his financial services company. Padrickresponded by doing what many crybabies do when people say mean things about them on the internet: he sued her for defamation."

"the Legal Satyricon" called Creative, and called Crystal Cox a woman on a mission.  

"the Legal Satyricon" said that Crystal Cox harnessed the power of the internet to make her feelings about Kevin Padrick public, and went on to defend my First Amendment Right to Do so. oh the Nostalgia of it All. Brings a Tear to my Eye.

Keep in mind this was in Nov. of 2011, the Month Before the "the Legal Satyricon" owner, attorney represented Crystal Cox, as HIS Client,  in this VERY matter. WoW, ya don't Say?

Also keep in mind that NOW the Hypocrite Bloggers at "the Legal Satyricon" HATE those SUCKS sites, as they are Suing Crystal Cox regarding another couple of "SUCKS" sites, and of course they must stand with MANWIN, their buddies, suing for - to Cry Baby about people who have a GRIPE about Manwin.

The Manwin, Chill Free Speech, First Amendment Legal Threat, Free Speech Threat Case is  Central District of California SLAPP Suit 2:12-cv-02484-GW-SH, MANWIN LICENSING INTERNATIONAL SARL V. NICHOLAS BULGIN. (it's a Gang Bang Against Sucks Sites)

the Article Called "Oregon: No Country for Old SLaPPers" November of 2011."the Legal Satyricon" BOLDLY Says, "Ms. Cox aired a number of grievances about Padrick and his financial services company. Padrick responded by doing what many cry babies do when people say mean things about them on the internet: he sued her for defamation"

Again, So FUNNY isn't it, that a year LATER the Cry Babies at     "the Legal Satyricon"  sue that VERY Same Blogger, "Ms. Cox" for airing a "number of grievances" about "the Legal Satyricon" blog owners and their attorney friends.

That would now be known as District of Nevada SLAPP Suit against Blogger Crystal Cox and known as a Chill Speech Lawsuit, Free Speech Threat, First Amendment Legal Threat; District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL

In the Article Called "Oregon: No Country for Old SLaPPers" November of 2011. the Hypocritical Legal Satyricon went on to say,

"Although Ms. Cox seems to be guilty of many crimes against good graphic design and standard capitalization, her blog posts on the subject of Obsidian Financial should fall under the shimmery force field of First Amendment protection because if you can’t bitch about people you don’t like on the web, then the terrorists have won. "

WoW, well I guess the TERRORISTS have Won in the District of Nevada

Because Ms. Cox lost a whole LOT of Domain Names, Blogs, Links and Intellectual Property, Permanently because cry babies at the "the Legal Satyricon" are all BUTTHURT. And the hypocritical, lying Fucktards at the "the Legal Satyricon" have FORCED a COURT, somehow <shrugging>, to SEIZE sucks sites, blogs, content, and massive online media in the name of Trademark? Without Due Process to the VICTIMS, aKa Defendants and without the First Amendment being "Adjudicated" or even factored into the case AT ALL.  WoW. Can you say "hyp o crite".

They TOOK my Sucks Sites, Parody Blogs, Satire Blogs, and all the Sublinks along with in their massive sweep of "Winning TERROR" in the District of Nevada. 

Now I, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox am a Pro Se Defendant and a Pro Se Counter Plaintiff in a District of Nevada "terror" has WON, Anti-FIrst Amendment, SLAPP suit, disguised as a Trademark, Cybersquatting, Lanham Act Lawsuit. 

Keep in mind, JUST how OLD is the Lanham Act and what reason would "Modern Day" hip, Intellectual Property, Domain Name, Intellectual Property Attorneys have to abuse it? Think Deeply on that One.

the Article Called "Oregon: No Country for Old SLaPPers" November of 2011."the Legal Satyricon"Goes on to Say, " the court concluded that one would generally not go to a website called“obsidianfinancesucks” for an evenhanded reporting of objective facts. The court rightly recognized that they were dealing with a gripe site; one that was full of delightfully one-sided rants and dedicated to the hyperbolic venting of Ms. Cox’s personal feuds."

WOW, yet the the "the Legal Satyricon" Hypocrite Gang, GOT a District of Nevada Court JUDGE to do JUST the Opposite and take those "delightful" rants, "Sucks" Domain Names, those "Parody" and "Satire" Domain names and wipe out all their blog content, and Clean the SLATE of all those Pesky Butt Hurting "GRIPES", just like that WOW. How do They Do It? I Guess it is "the Legal Satyricon" Magic on the Courts of the District of Nevada. 

Oh remember above when the Hypocrites Said, "her blog posts on the subject of Obsidian Financial should fall under the shimmery force field of First Amendment protection because if you can’t bitch about people you don’t like on the web, then the terrorists have won" ???   YEP, can you believe it? NO Shimmery force of First Amendment PROTECTION allowed in the District of Nevada COURTS that "the Legal Satyricon" is CLEARLY in charge of. 

In the Land of the "the Legal Satyricon" the RULES, the Laws and the Constitution Only Apply to the "the Legal Satyricon", and course their PAYING CLIENTS and not to ANYONE having a "Gripe", making fun of, or Blowing the Whistle on the Hypocrites at "the Legal Satyricon".

the Article Called "Oregon: No Country for Old SLaPPers" November of 2011."the Legal Satyricon" Goes on to Say, "Nevada, has an anti-SLAPP statute designed to protect people from harassing lawsuits whose only real purpose is to chill speech with legal threats and the grim specter of defamation litigation. OR. REV. STAT. §§ 31.150 et seq. (2001) gives defendants in speech-related civil actions a special motion to strike that they can use to have the Court dismiss the suit at an early stage unless the plaintiff can show that there is a probability that they will actually prevail on the claim. Generally, the anti-SLAPP provision is available for any lawsuit arising from speech regarding government proceedings or in a public forum in connection with an issue of public interest. There is also a catch all for speech for conduct in furtherance of the exercise of the constitutional right of petition or the constitutional right of free speech in connection with a public issue or an issue of public interest."

Gee If Only Crystal Cox was Being Sued in Nevada?  oH wait, I FORGET, the Laws, the Constitution DOES not Apply to me, Crystal Cox, because I have no "Standards" and place Capital Letters in Places not Pre-Approved by the Courts of the Ridiculous. The Nevada Laws, and the Constitution MUST Only APPLY to PAYING Customers and CLIENTS.

 the Article Called "Oregon: No Country for Old SLaPPers"? This was on the Legal Satyricon in November of 2011. oh and if Some "Jackass" gets this Removed and you want to SEE it, eMail me

Oh and Don't Forget BUTTHURT Don't Pay on the WATCH of the Super DuPeR Legal Satyricon Genie. "not on my watch" says that magic Puppet Master. Well in District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL, BUTTHURT Pays, even long before the words "First Amendment" or "Due Process" "SLAPP" are uttered.

Can You Say, Butthurt Hypocrite?

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