Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Copyright troll trash Marc Randazza is proven to be ANTI FREEDOM of SPEECH by Crystal Cox and"


In my view Marc Randazza (aka Marco Randazza aka Marc Randazzo aka Marco Randazzo) should not have ever been granted the privilege to practice law within the United States of America – period.  Not only do I have a very strong feeling that he is being fully investigated by interested government agencies AS OF CURRENT, but in addition, I predict he will be disbarred in every state of which he is licensed (and then, criminally charged).
I personally can vouch for Crystal Cox (an Investigative Blogger) that Marc Randazza is not only a liar, unprofessional and corrupt, but I can also state that I know first hand that Marc Randazza has no quams against threatening innocent women’s safety (in fact, I’d go as far as to say he regularly targets women of which he views as “threats” to his ideals and philosophies. For example, earlier this year it was revealed that a member of Randazza’s legal team, J. Malcolm DeVoy was involved in the on and offline stalking and harassment of anti-porn activist Shelley Lubben).
Randazza at one stage in the recent past not only needlessly invaded my privacy (and compromised my safety) by identifying one of my vehicles on a public adult industry forum ( as you can see in the screen shot to the right), but he also suggested I die a violent death stating I should “drive off a cliff” – verbiage which has led me to not feel SAFE as not only a young single woman who is in the process of rebuilding her life away from the dangerous and crime plagued Los Angeles porn industry , but also as an independent INVESTIGATIVE BLOGGER (a title of which Crystal Cox and I both share).

Whether Randazza researched my vehicle (and who knows what else about me), in effort to attempt to physically harm me – or to simply attempt to go after my assets (which is a common thing for dirty loser attorneys such as himself to do), I’ll never know – but regardless I find the situation invasive, intimidating and appalling. In fact, one might define Randazza’s tactics as a LEGAL METAPHORICAL RAPE.
I personally believe Marc Randazza is a sociopath with psychopathic tendencies, who in addition often displays extreme aggression of which he doesn’t appear to be able to control. It is still unclear as to whether or not Randazza has direct ties to organized crime groups, but there appears to be a VERY strong likelihood that he does.
Men like Randazza do more harm than good for the concept of Free Speech (just as the Free Speech Coalition does). People who think and behave as  Randazza does, are not really about “freedom” – they are simply about control, suppression and dominance (due to their own feelings of inadequacy).  Its no wonder Randazza has fallen into the lowly ranks of practicing “porn law” and “copyright troll law”, just as his associate, friend and fellow legal failure Michael Fattorosi (who was at the center of and found to have been heavily involved in pornwikileaks – which led to the closure of the porn industrys central STD testing center AIM).
A source who as of current has opted to remain anonymous and who has proven in other instances to be very reliable, has informed PornNewsToday that when pornwikileaks was at it’s height, performers who were seeking ways to get their names off of the pornwikileaks database were not only referred to Michael Fattorosi – they were referred to Marc Randazza as well. One can only speculate how much they each profited the Los Angeles porn industry populace.
Source of Post Exposing Porn Industry Attorney Marc Randazza

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Monica Foster regarding the Marc Randazza Crystal Cox Story